My paper "The land use change time-accounting failure" has been accepted in Ecological Economics (forthcoming later version).

I was awarded a special mention for the best Thesis Prize in Economics by the French Economic Association (AFSE).

See here

Some French newspapers also highlighted that the 2018 Thesis Prize is unique this year since the 3 prizes were exclusively awarded to women :)

BECC Research Funding obtained for 2018-2020 to run my project "An analysis of stakeholders' behavior towards public goods. Application to ecosystem services provided in the forest and agricultural sectors"

Awarded the Young Economist Best Paper Prize at the Annual FAERE Conference in Nancy (France). See Paper.

Welcome to my home page !

I am a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of Gothenburg (Sweden).

I obtained my Ph.D in Economics at the University of Paris Nanterre (France).

Primary fields: environmental economics, experimental economics, microeconomics

Primary topics: between-good substitutability/complementarity, cost-benefit analysis  (willingness-to-pay, discounting), public goods, acceptability of taxes, policy instruments for environmental regulation and land use change.