NC Campaign

Hi!  My name is Denise Wells and I have been nominated and am running for the position of National Coordinator of the USGenWeb Project.   And, for that reason, I think you should know who I am.    


I am a single mother with two adult children, my son, 42, and a daughter 22.  Yes, I know, there is a big difference between the two ages; however, you can be reassured I am done having children!  I am now looking forward to grandchildren.    


I have been a member of the Advisory Board since 2008, when I was elected to the position of SEMA CC Rep.  I have held that position until now, with my current term ending on 8/31/2014.  It has been my pleasure to serve the USGenWeb in that position for the past 6 years. 


I was appointed an Assistant State Coordinator in NJGenWeb in January 2007 by our then SC, Janice Brown, and was the County Coordinator for Hudson County when I first became an ASC there.  When Janice decided to resign the following year, I was elected State Coordinator and have been the SC since that time in 2008 (even after forcing the membership to have a new election to give someone else the opportunity to run for SC). 


In August 2012, I ran for and was elected the State Coordinator for Indiana, my birth state, and where I lived for almost my entire life up until September 2001, when I moved to South Florida.  Although I have lived in South Florida now 13 years, I still consider Indiana my official home, having grown up in Indianapolis, where my brother still lives in the house where we grew up.  Consequently, I was elated when I became the SC for Indiana. I hope to continue to serve Indiana in any way I can. 


In my other life, I have worked in the legal field for over 40 years, obtaining my first legal secretary job after taking a shorthand class.  From that time onward, I have remained working in law in various positions, and in 1987, I became a Freelance Paralegal.  I remained predominantly a Freelance Paralegal through 2013 working in numerous areas of law, when I took a position in the real estate title industry.  I have also held real estate licenses in both Indiana and Florida for many years.  Having fallen on hard times during the change in the economy from 2008 through 2013, I have found that I can recreate myself, even in the toughest of financial times, even when I thought I couldn’t. 


USGenWeb has persevered through the love and dedication of all of its membership, and most of all because of the commitment of County Coordinators throughout the Project.  Without their love of their counties and of genealogy research and history, this Project would never have been started or continued its growth through today.  County Coordinators are the backbone of USGW.  And first, and foremost, I am a County Coordinator and have been hugely proud to be a contribution to the Project as a whole. 
Over my tenure with USGW, I have served on the Election Committee, the By-Laws Committee, and also threw my name into the hat for the Representative at Large position with the USGenWeb Advisory Board, and as a volunteer on the USGenWeb Newsletter.

I began my volunteer service with the USGenWeb Newsletter in December 2005 as Assistant Editor. With the resignation of Sharon Rhodes as Editor, I was then chosen by our staff and approved unanimously by the sitting Advisory Board to serve as Editor of the Newsletter in April 2006. I served our Project Newsletter as the longest running Managing Editor, bringing together some amazing volunteers to produce the most consistently published time period for the Newsletter. It was a labor of love for me during my entire service in that position.


Given all of my life and business/work experience, I am committed to and support the continued growth of USGW and would like to be your National Coordinator for the coming year. 

If you choose to allow me to serve as your National Coordinator, I will endeavor to work to:

1.       Provide leadership to the Advisory Board;

2.       Listen to your needs, wants and concerns and be open to different points of view; 

3.       Keep you informed of any and all information that is not confidential;

4.       Do my utmost to communicate with you and respond to your email in a reasonable period of     time; 

5.       Work to foster and improve relationships with all volunteers;

6.       Work to foster the continued growth of USGW and seek new ways to have the USGW make a difference in the genealogical community; 

7.       Communicate with you in an open and honest manner;

8.       To review all facts of an issue with an unbiased opinion; 

9.       Assist you in any manner within my means or control as your National Coordinator; 

10.   Continue to enhance and participate in the growth and success of USGenWeb and all of its Projects; 

11.   Operate in a courteous and professional manner;

12.   Stand up for and defend your rights as a volunteer for USGenWeb to the best of my ability; and

13.   Work to cause the marketing and promotion of USGenWeb to the public.


I look forward to working with each and every one of you.


Thanks so much for the opportunity to work with such a fantastic group of committed volunteers!


Denise Wells