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If you want to know what has been added to the site lately, take a look here. 

December 2019

JUNE 2019

  • I haven't been keeping this page updated as I have added materials; however, I did just add links to additional biographies hosted in the USGenWeb Archives.  Archives links have also been added to the following pages:  Biographies-Off Site, Cemeteries, Deaths, Deeds, Directories, Marriages, Military, Obituaries & Wills

JUNE 2017

MAY 2017

  • Deaths:  Worked on updating Funeral Home index
November 2016
  • Deaths:  Williams & Bluitt Funeral Home Index
February 2016
  • Biographies:  Thomas Bennett; Henry Brady; David Mallory; George Taffe Sr.
  • Military:  United States National Homes for Disabled Volunteer Soldiers, 1866-1938, Listing of those born in Indianapolis or Marion County, Indiana
June 2015: 
  • Biographies:  Hiram Brown; Nicholas McCarty; James Sulgrove; David Williams;
  • Military:  Coming soon! Indianapolis and the Civil War, (c) 1911
November 2014:
  • Biographies:  Robert Culbertson; Alfred Harrison; Isaac N. Phipps;
January 2014:
  • Cemeteries:  Beginning to add cemetery transcriptions

July 2013

  • Biographies:  Harvey Bates; Obed Foote; Harvey Gregg; Jacob Landis; Thomas Johnson; Douglass Maguire; George Norwood; Joseph Pence; Wilkes Reagan; John W. Redding;  Archibald C. Reid; Luke Walpole and Family; Hon. William W. Wick

June 2013

  • Biographies:  Updated bio index, adding names and links to township histories 
  • History:  Beginning addition of History of Indianapolis and Marion County

April 2013

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December 2011

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September 2011
  • Deaths:  Page added for links and information to Marion County deaths and research.
  • History:  Hodges, Laura Fletcher, Early Indianapolis:  C. E. Pauley & Co., 1919, 29 pgs.
  • History:  Duncan, Robert B., Old Settlers, Indianapolis: Bowen-Merrill Co., 1894, 28 pgs. produced by Indiana Historical Society
  • Photographs of the Community - Vanessa Wood has generously donated some new photos from her family's collection of photos.  Be sure to check them out.  Can you help identify any of the street car conductors in her photos?  Thank you, Vanessa!

August 2011

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December 2010

November 2010

October 2010
  • Benevolent Institutions and Societies  - adding some history on the following.  Some may not be completed but are coming soon!
  •     The Indiana Hospital for the Insane
  •     The Indiana Institute for the Education of the Blind
  •     Indiana Institute for the Deaf and Dumb
  •     Indiana Female Prison and Reformatory
  •     Indiana House of Refuge
  •     The County Infirmary
  •     Indianapolis City Hospital    
  •     Home for Friendless Women    
  •     Orphan's Home
  •     Indianapolis Asylum for Friendless Colored Children
  •     Indianapolis Benevolent Society
  •     Ladies' Society for the Relief of the Poor
  •     German Protestant Orphans' Association
  •     Ladies German Protestant Orphans' Home Association
  •     The Indianapolis Society for the Relief of the Crippled, Ruptured, and Deformed
  •     Cemeteries - some history on the development of cemeteries in Indianapolis.
  •     Biographies - ongoing - the link in the right column actually contains biographies, or specific sketches, regarding people from Marion County.  As    new biographies are added, they will be placed here.  The link on the Main Home page in the center of the page is for biographies that are located elsewhere and not on this specific site. 
  •     Started What's New? page.

Please feel free to contact me if you have materials you would like to donate to this site.  And thank you for your generosity!