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Do you have time to volunteer?

Do you have a little time available?  If you would like to assist with the development of this wonderful county, I would truly love your help!  How can you help, you might be asking yourself?  Well, the following are ways to make a difference for researchers of Marion County.

1.    I can send to you via email pdf pages of the history of Marion County, Indiana for transcribing.

2.    You could volunteer to proofread pages that are being transcribed by another person.

3.    If you have old photographs of people and places in Marion County that you would like to share, they can be posted here.

4.    If you have a digital camera and love to take pictures in and around Marion County, of historic places, wonderful architecture of current buildings, cemeteries, or whatever, they can find a home here.

5.    If you have access to the Genealogy Library at the State Library Building in downtown Indianapolis and would like to locate and transcribe material for this site, it can be displayed here.

6.    If you have books in which to do lookups for Marion County researchers, I can post that information on a page for researchers to contact you.  We can include your parameters for the lookups.  Of course, these must be free to the researchers, except for photocopying, mailing, or those type of expenses.

7.    If you are someone who would like to go to the libraries, etc. to do lookups of obituaries from microfilm and copy a page for them (of course you would be entitled to reimbursement for copies and/or mailing), I can post that on this site.  

8.    Any favorite Marion County research Web sites you would like others to know about?  Tell me and I'll add them to a Links page.

9.    Do you know of cemetery web sites with transcriptions of Marion County cemeteries?  Show me the site.  I'll create a link.

10.    Do you have the urge to photograph a cemetery and want it displayed here, let's work together to get it online. 

11.    Got old postcards?  This would be a great place to have them posted.

12.    Interested in tracking old pioneer families?  Check out the descendant chart at the right.  I'd love to spend more time on this type of project but don't have access to Ancestry at the moment.  Do you?  Have time to play?  Starting on this one was a blast! 

13.    Other ideas?  Let me know how you would like to contribute! 

Regarding transcription projects, I love reading and working on these as I really get to know the community and its early settlers and history.  I lived in Marion County most of my life and am amazed at how much I didn't know about it.  I'm sure you will love learning about the county's history as much as I do, whether you are just reading it on this site, or helping put it on this site.

[IMPORTANT NOTE:  However you contribute to this site, you will be noted as the person who provided that information to Marion County, INGenWeb.  I always credit those who help.  I don't take credit away from anyone.  And thank you, so much!]