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Temperance Societies

This city is the headquarters for the State of the following Temperance organizations:  The Indiana State Temprance Alliance, Sons of Temperance, Good Templars, Temple of Honor.

The State Temperance Alliance was organized in this city December 11th, 1867.  Its first annual session was held here on the 20th February, 1868; the second, on the 2d and 3d February, 1869; the third, on the 2d and 3d February, 1870; the fourth, on the 1st and 2d February, 1871.

    The Alliance--as its name implies--is a union of all the advocates of total abstinence from the use of intoxicating liquors in the State.  Its membership is, therefore, largely--but not exclusively--composed of members of the other Temperance organizations.  The administration of the society is vested in a Board of Officers and a Board of Managers.  The present Board of Officers is as follows:

    R. T. Brown, President, Indianapolis; N. W. Bruice, Vice President, Lafayette; C. Martindale, General Agent and Corresponding Secretary, Indianapolis; T. A. Goodwin, Recording Secretary, Indianapolis; J. B. Abbott, Treasurer, Indianapolis.

    With reference to the Board of Managers, the State is divided into three divisions, each having a Board of ten members.

    Subordinates to the State Alliances, there are five "District" Alliance in the State, holding Conventions quarterly; also an Alliance in each county.

    During the past two years about one hundred thousand persons have become members of this society; and the sum of nearly $40,000 has been raised and expended under the direction of its managers.

    Briefly stated, the object of the society is to discourage the use and sale of intoxicating liquors; to repress the traffic therein, by the enforcement of existing laws, and the speedy enactment of more stringent and prohibitory legislation in that regard.  Prominent among the means employed, are the copious distribution of Temperance literature, the efforts of lecturers (of whom six are employed), &c.

    The city Alliance has about two thousand members.

    The "Temperance Alliance" is the name of the official organ of the State Temperance Alliance.  Its editor is Rev. C. Martindale, Corresponding Secretary of the organization.


    This is the most numerous and influential secret Temperance organization in the State.  The Grand Lodge meets in Indianapolis once in each year.

    In this city there are eight lodges, with a membership of about eight hundred.  Four of these Lodges meet at the "Good Templars' Hall," one of the "Temperance Alliance Hall," and the others in different parts of the city.  There about three hundred Subordinate Lodges in the State, and about fifteen thousand members.

    The present officers of the Grand Lodge are:  E. B. Reynolds, Esq., G. W. C. T.; Rev. S. B. Falkenburg, G. W. C.; Miss A. M. Way, G. W. V. T.; Sylvester Johnson, G. W. S.; H. F. Underwood, G. W. T.; John W. Buttriss, G. W. M.; Miss Ella Rex, G. W. D. M.; Miss Sarah Reeves, G. W. I. G.; M. W. Jackson, G. W. O. G., Rev. E. Gaskins, G. W. Chaplain.

    The number of members "in good standing," in this city, is about one thousand.


    This order, considered as to North America, embraces in its organization National, Grand and Subordinate Divisions.

    The National Division of the Sons of Temperance was organized in the city of New York on the 17th June, 1844.  At the present time the order has been carried into nearly all the States and Territories of the Union, and in all the British North American Provinces.  During the twenty-seven years of its existence there have been admitted into the Order, in this country, more than two millions of members.

    The Indiana Grand Division of the Sons of Temperance, of which this city is the headquarters, was organized May 2d, 146.  In 1861, there were about four hundred and ninety Subordinate Divisions in the State.  Since then the order, considered as to this city and State, has retrograded in numbers, owing to the war and other causes, until now there are but forty Subordinate Divisions in the State.  This decline appears to have been arrested; and the membership in this city and State is reported to be again increasing steadily.

    The order in this city is represented by Washington Division No. 1; which has a membership of about fifty.


    The Subordinate bodies of this order are called Temples; the State body is called the Grand Temple.

    The order is represented in this city by one Temple, organized on the 27th March, 1870, and having about fifty members.

    The Grand Temple meets annually, on the fourth Monday of May; it has no fixed place of meeting.

    The Grand Officers are:  Joseph A. Williams, W. C. T., New Albany; J. J. Young, W. V. T., Evansville; Will. A. Quigley, W. R., Madison.

    The Supreme Council, the head of the Order for North America and the British Provinces, meets annually in July--this year at St. Louis, Mo.


    This is the title of an Irish Temperance Society, organized in 1870.  It now numbers about one hundred and fifty members.

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