Street Car Conductors

"Roberts Family Photo Collection"
submitted by Vanessa Wood

My mom's uncle worked as a street car conductor in Indianapolis in the 1920's. These are 2 photos of the street car crews. The only person I can ID in the photos was my uncle--he's in the smaller group wearing carnations, Edwin Roberts on the left in the front row. We believe the photos were taken in the 1920's or early 1930's. Edwin Roberts was recorded as a trucker on the 1920 census and as a street car conductor on the 1930 Census.  

Can you help identify any of the men in these photos?  Or do you have a photo similar to these of Street Car Conductors in the Indianapolis Community?  Let me know.  (Just send an email to the county coordinator.)  It would be fantastic to be able to identify other men in the photos.  Thanks.