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This page will be dedicated to parks in Indianapolis and Marion County.  If you have photos (old or new) that you would be willing to share and contribute to this page, please email them to me as jpgs.  Also include your name (to be shown as the contributor), the name of the park, and a description of the photograph.  If you also know of other websites that have material about these parks, please let me know of them so they can also be linked from here.  I'm looking for history, photographs and events that have happened at these various parks in the community.  Email history or links to me.

Parks are categorized in several ways:  state, regional, community, neighborhood, and natural resource areas.  The designation of the type is listed with each park name.

Also, since I do not live in the community any longer, I would love if someone would like to take photos of the park entrance and other outstanding scenes in the park to submit.  Let me know!  Thanks.

Acton Park (neighborhood)
Alice Carter Place (neighborhood)
Al E. Polin Park (neighborhood)
Andrew Ramsey Park (neighborhood)
Arsenal Park (neighborhood)
Babe Denny Park (neighborhood)
Barton Park (neighborhood)
Basswood Park (neighborhood)
Beckwith Memorial Park (neighborhood)
Bel Aire Park (neighborhood)
Bellamy Park (neighborhood)
Bertha Ross Park (neighborhood)
Bethel Park (community)
Bevil Park (neighborhood)
Bluff Road Park (neighborhood)
Bowman Park (neighborhood)
Broad Ripple Park (community)
Friends of Broad Ripple Park
Broadway & 29th Street Park (neighborhood)
Broadway & 61st Park (neighborhood)
Brookside Park (community)
Brown's Corner Memorial Park (neighborhood)
Cancer Survivor Park (neighborhood)
Canterbury Park (neighborhood)
Carson Park (neighborhood)
Centennial and Groff Park (neighborhood)
Centennial and 20th Park (neighborhood)
Chapel Hill Park (neighborhood)
Christian Park (community)
Christina Oaks Park (neighborhood)
Clayton and LaSalle Park (neighborhood)
Clover Leaf Conservation Area (natural resource area)
Denver Park (neighborhood)
Dequincy Park (neighborhood)
Doris Cowherd Park (neighborhood)
Douglas Park (community)
Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park (neighborhood)
Dubarry Park (neighborhood)
Eagle Creek Park (regional)
Eagle Highlands Neighborhood Park (neighborhood)
Edna Balz Lacy Park (neighborhood)
Elwood & Mary Black Park (neighborhood)
Ellenberger Park (community)
Emhart Stadium (neighborhood)
Eva Talley Park (neighborhood)
Faculty Park (neighborhood)
Fall Creek and 16th Park (neighborhood)
Fall Creek and 30th Park (neighborhood)
Finch Park (neighborhood)
Forest Manor Park (neighborhood)
Fort Harrison State Park (state)
Fox Hill Manor (neighborhood)
Franklin Township Community Park (neighborhood)
Frank Young Park (neighborhood)
Friedman Park (neighborhood) (natural resource area)
Gardner Park (neighborhood)
Garfield Park (regional)
Gateway West Park (neighborhood)
German Church and 30th Park (neighborhood)
Glenns Valley Nature Park (community)
Grassy Creek Park (natural resource area)
Gray Park (natural resource area)
Greene Park (neighborhood)
Gustafson Park (neighborhood)
Haughville Park (neighborhood)
Hanover North Park (neighborhood)
Hawthorne Park (neighborhood)
Hendricks Park (neighborhood)
Highland Park (neighborhood)
Highway Parcel #15 (neighborhood)
Holliday Park (community)
Hot Shot Tot Lot (neighborhood)
Indianola Park (neighborhood)
Iron Gate Conservation Area (natural resource area)
Irvington Circle (neighborhood)
James Foster Bruiser Gaines Park (neighborhood)
John Ed Park (neighborhood)
JTV Hill Park (community)
Juan Solomon Park (neighborhood)
Kelly Park (neighborhood)
Kessler Park (neighborhood)
Kin Hubbard Memorial Park (neighborhood)
Kitley Woods (natural resource area)
Krannert Park (community)
Lake Sullivan (natural resource area)
Lappin Way (natural resource area)
Lentz Park (neighborhood)
Little Valley Park (neighborhood)
Marott Park Woods Nature Preserve (natural resource area)
Max Bahr Park (neighborhood)
McCarty Triangle Park (neighborhood)
McCord Park (neighborhood)
Military Park (state)
Moreland Park (neighborhood)
Municipal Gardens (community)
Northeastway Park (community)
Olin Park (neighborhood)
Orange Park (neighborhood)
Oscar Charleston Park (neighborhood)
Patricia Park (neighborhood)
Paul Ruster Park (neighborhood)
Perry Park (community)
Porter Playfield (neighborhood)
Post Road Park (community)
Presidential Place (neighborhood)
Ransom Place (neighborhood)
Raymond Park / Indy Island (community)
Retherford Park (neighborhood)
Rev. Mozel Sanders Park (neighborhood)
Ridenour Park (neighborhood)
Riverside Park (regional)
Riverwood Park (neighborhood)
Robey Park (neighborhood)
Rhodius Park (community)  - Master Plan and history of park 
Roselawn Park (neighborhood)
Ross Claypool Park (neighborhood)
Sahm Park (regional)
Sandorf Park (neighborhood)
Sexson Park (neighborhood)
Shambaugh Park (neighborhood)
Skiles Test Nature Park (natural resource area)
Southeastway Park (regional)
Southside Park (neighborhood)
Southwestway Park (regional)
Spades Park (neighborhood)
Stables Chase Nature Sanctuary (natural resource area)
Stacy Park (neighborhood)
Stamm Park (natural resource area)
Stout Field (neighborhood)
Tarkington Park (neighborhood)
Thatcher Park (community)
Thompson Park (neighborhood)
Tolin-Akerman Park (neighborhood)
Upper Fall Creek (natural resource area)
University Park (state)
Virginia Lee O'Brien Park (neighborhood)
Washington Park (community)
Watkins Park (community)
Watson Road Bird Preserve (neighborhood)
Wes Montgomery Park (neighborhood)
White River State Park (state)
Willard Park (neighborhood)
Windsor Village Park (community)
WISH Park (neighborhood)
Wollens Gardens (natural resource area)

Hartman Park, 700 S. Ninth Ave., Beech Grove
Sarah T. Bolton Park, 1300 Churchman Ave., Beech Grove
South Grove Park, 1100 S. Ninth Ave., Beech Grove

Alexander Park, 4902 Charney St., Lawrence
Explorer Park, 5205 Richardt Ave., Lawrence
Lawrence Community Park, 5301 N. Franklin Rd., Lawrence
Lee Road Park, 6200 Lee Rd., Lawrence
Louis J. Jenn Park, 10450 E. 63rd St., Lawrence
Oaklandon Play Park, 11828 East 65th St., Lawrence
Veteran's Memorial Park, 12150 East 62nd St., Lawrence

Southport Park, 6901 Derbyshire Rd., Southport

Leonard Park, 5400 W. 15th St., Speedway
Meadowood Park, 5700 Meadowood Dr., Speedway