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Third Presbyterian Church

Location:  Northeast corner of Illinois and Ohio streets.

    This church was organized on the 23d September, 1851, at the residence of Caleb Scudder, Esq., in this city, by the Presbytery of Muncie; twenty-one person withdrawing for the purpose from the First Church.

    Prominent among the founders of this association were James Blake, Caleb Scudder, John W. Hamilton, H. C. Newcomb, Nathaniel Bolton, Dr. W. C. Thompson and C. B. Davis.  The congregation first met for religious worship in Temperance Hall; and afterward erected the present church building, which was completed and dedicated in 1859.

    The Third Church has for many years been a prominent religious power in the community.  Its present membership is four hundred and fifty.  The Sabbath-school numbers two hundred and thirty-three pupils.

    In 1867 a colony went out from this congregation and formed the Fifth Presbyterian Church; which has since been sustained in part by the parent church. 

    The Third Church has had the following pastors:  The Rev. David Stevenson, from 1851 to October, 1860; the Rev. George C. Heckman, D. D., from 1861 to 1867; the Rev. Robert Sloss, the present pastor, since June, 1868.

    Prominent among the earlier members and officers of this church are the names of James Blake, Caleb Scudder, Hon. H. C. Newcomb, John W. Hamilton, Chas. N. Todd, Dr. W. C. Thompson, the Rev. C. G. McLean, D. D., Wm. M. Blake, William Stewart, Silas T. Bowen, Dr. Theophilus Parvin, J. D. Carmichael, L. N. Andrews, William Glenn and H. W. Keehn.

    The church edifice, though not so imposing or elegant in its architectural aspects, as several others in the city, is nevertheless a commodious and substantial structure, built of brick, with stone facings, in the modified Norman style of architecture.  Its external dimensions are eighty by forty-eight feet.  The size of the audience room is seventy-one by forty-five feet; and it has, including the gallery, seating capacity for about six hundred persons.  The value of the property is about $50,000.

    The present officers of the church are:

    Pastor.--Rev. Robert Sloss.

    Elders.--H. C. Newomb, S. T. Bowen, J. D. Carmichael, Dr. T. Parvin, C. N. Todd, L. N. Andrews, A. S. Walker.

    Deacons.--James Muir, James Wilson, Wm. M. Blake, Chas. G. Stewart, D. H. Wiles, R. Frank Kennedy, Wm. Judson, James D. Brown.

    Trustees.--Thos. D. Kingan, W. W. Woolen, D. H. Wiles, R. F. Kennedy, Wm. Judson, James Hasson, Frank Landers.

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