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Third Christian Church

    Location:  Forest-Home avenue, near Ash street.

    In the spring of 1867, a Sunday-School wa organized at the North-western Christian University, and placed in charge of Prof. A. C. Shortridge, who was mainly instrumental in its establishment.  Out of this grew the organization of the Third Church, which took place in the chapel of the University on the first Sabbath in January, 1869.  For the first year of its existence the congregation had no regular minister, but maintained the usual weekly meetings, with preaching by various ministers as their services could be obtained.  The second year the services of Austin Council were secured as pastor.  Since then Elder Elijah Goodwin has been serving in that capacity.

    The church has built a comfortable home of worship on Forest-Home avenue, near Ash street, -- a frame building, sixty feet long and thirty-four wide, with a baptistry under the pulpit platform, and dressing rooms in the rear.  The society numbers something over one hundred members.  The Sabbath-School has bout one hundred and seventy-five members. 

    The value of the property is about $8,000.

    The present officers are:

    Elders. -- E. Goodwin, J. M. Tilford, J. M. Bramwell, R. T. Brown.

    Deacons. -- A. C. Shortridge, H. C. Guffin, R. M. Cosby, J. P. Elliott.

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