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Second German Reformed Church

    Location:  South side of East street, south of Merrill.

    This society was organized in the summer of 1867, by several members of an extinct church organization, living in the south-eastern quarter of the city.  The Rev. Mr. Steinbach, who had labored here as a Lutheran missionary, took charge of the young society thus established.  He served for a brief period, resigning at the close of the year 1867.

    At a meeting of members held on the 1st January, 1868, the Rev. M. G. I. Stern was selected as Mr. Steinbach's successor in this missionary field.  The result was the organization, in the autumn of 1869, of a second church of the German Reformed denomination in Indianapolis.

    Mr. Stern is still the pastor of this church; which has been a prosperous society from the first.  The present number of members is about one hundred, and the average attendance upon Sabbath-day services about two hundred and fifty to three hundred.

    Connected with this church is a German-English parochial school, with an average attendance of about one hundred pupils, and having two instructors.  The Sabbath-School membership is about two hundred and fifty.

    The church building is a plain neat, frame structure, having capacity for five hundred communicants.

    The property of the church is valued at about $9,000.

    Summary--Total membership of the German Reformed Church at Indianapolis, three hundred; total Sabbath-School membership, about four hundred and fifty; total value of church property, $21,000.

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