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Second Christian Church (Colored)

    Location:  First street, between Mississippi street and the Lafayette Railway.

    This society was established in the spring of 1867, as a mission of the First Christian Church of this city, [sic]  Prominent in its establishment and support during its infancy were Messrs. W. W. Dowling and J. M. Tilford.  As soon as possible, and in a short time, a house of worship was secured at the above stated location.  It is an unpretentious frame building, but sufficient to meet the present wants of the society; having capacity for about two hundred and fifty persons.

    The society consists of about one hundred members.  The Sabbath-School is in a prosperous state, having about one hundred and twenty-five members.

    Rev. Rufus Conrad, the present pastor, has served the society in that relation over since its organization.

    The value of the building and site is about $2,000.

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