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Second Baptist Church --(Colored)

    Location:  Michigan street, between Indiana avenue and West street.

    This church was founded in the year 1846, by the Rev. Mr. Sachel, a missionary of Cincinnati.  The services of the congregation were first held in a school house on Alabama street.  In 1849, they built their first house of worship, on North Missouri street, between Ohio and New York streets.  It was a small building, twenty by thirty feet; and was burned in the winter of 1851.  The building  was not insured, and the congregation for some time afterward, worshiped in a house near the corner of North and Blackford streets owned by John Brown, Esq., (now deceased), who was a deacon of the church, and a prime mover in building the first and second houses of worship of the congregation.

    In the latter part of the year 1852, the church building was rebuilt, on the site occupied by the building that had been burned.  It was a cheap, one story structure, twenty-six by thirty-six feet; and was enlarged in 1864.  The congregation seem to have always been both prosperous and enterprising; and accordingly we find them commencing the erection of a more commodious house of worship, in September, 1867.

    It will, when completed, be a neat and capacious building, reflecting great credit on the congregation, considering the means at their disposal and the obstacles they had to overcome.  The dimensions are sixty-three feet square.  The basement has been completed and occupied, and the building will be completed in due time.

    The auditorum will occupy an entire story, with a ceiling twenty-two and one-half feet in height, and a gallery all around.  The extreme elevation at the top of the belfry, will be one hundred and five feet.  The cost of the completed structure will be about $16,000.  The congregation has been served by the following pastors.

    Joshua Harmon, (since deceased), 1848-51; Jesse Young, 1852-53; J. J. Fitzgerald (since deceased,) 1853-5; George Butler, 1855-6; Pleasant Bowles, 1857, (for six months) and Rev. Moses Broyles, the present pastor, who is now in the fourteenth year of his pastoral relation to the congregation.  For the want of method and system in the administration of its affairs, the church underwent many trials and vicissitudes during the first eleven years of its existence.  When Mr. Broyles took charge of affairs in 1857, the membership was not more than twenty-five; now it is four hundred and thirty-five, and steadily increasing.  The usual Sabbath and week day religious services, are regularly held in this church.  Its affairs are now methodically administered, and it has all the officers of a well appointed, thoroughly organized church.  The Sabbath-School, of which Andrew Lewis is superintendent, has two hundred and sixty-five members, and is divided into twenty classes, with as any teachers.

    Summary--Total membership of the Baptist Church in Indianapolis, one thousand and ninety-three; total Sabbath-School membership, one thousand two hundred and sixty-five; total value of church property, $76,000. 

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