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Plymouth Church

    Location:  Meridian street, near Circle Park.

    This church was organized August 9th, 1857.  The original membership consisted of thirty-one persons, a majority of whom joined by letter from other churches in this city.  For several months previous to the organization, these members supported religious worship and a Sabbath-School in the Senate Chamber of the State House.  There the church continued to woship (except for a s hort period, during which services were held in Ramsey's Hall on Illinois street), until their removal to their preent edifice on the north-west corner of Circle and Meridian streets.  For a few months after the organization, Rev. W. C. Bartlett officiated as minister.

    The original officers of the church were as follow:

    Trustees. -- A. G. Willard, E. T. Sinker, W. W. Roberts, E. J. Baldwin.

    Deacons. -- Horace Bassett, Albert G. Willard, Edward T. Sinker, Benjamin M. Ludden.

    Clerk. -- E. Montgomery.

    Treasurer. -- Albert G. Willard.

    Rev. N. A. Hyde, he first pastor, entered upon his duties in October, 1868, and resigned the pastorate in August, 1867, to become Superintendent of the American Home Missionary Society for Indiana.

    Rev. E. P. Ingersoll, the next pastor, commenced his labors March 1st, 1868, and resigned January, 1870.

    Rev. Joseph L. Bennett, the third and present pastor, entered upon his duties in January, 1871.

    The officers at the present time are the following:

    Trustees. -- S. A. Fletcher, E. T. Sinker, (died April 5th, 1871), N. R. Smith, S. A. Fletcher, Jr.

    Deacons. -- H. S. Rockey, A. G. Willard, I. S. Bigelow.

    Clerk. -- Jared M. Bills.

    Treasurer. -- Albert B. Willard.

    The membership of the church now numbers about two hundred.  The Sabbath-School, John Martin, superintendent, numbers about one hundred and twenty-five.

    The house of worship occupied by this church was commenced in the fall of 1858; the front part, containing the lecture room, pastor's study and social rooms, was completed in September, 1859; this was occupied as the place of worship by the congregation until the main audience room was erected, in 186.

    Of the church building extensive improvements, both external and internal, were commenced in October, 1870; and the reconstructed and improved edifice was dedicated on the 30th of April, 1871, at which time the present pastor, the Rev. Joseph L. Bennett, was installed.

    The house of worship, if surpassed by others in size and architectural splendor, in nevertheless one of the most pleasant and convenient in this city of elegant and costly church buildings.

    The value of building and site is about $38,000.

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