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North Street Mission

    Location:  On the corner of North and Delaware streets.

    This flourishing mission of the First Presbyterian Church, was established in July, 1870.  The mission building had been occupied for Sabbath-School purposes before this time, being known as the "Saw Mill Mission," but for several months the field had been abandoned.  The leading spirits in the new organization were Gen. Ben. Harrison, D.r C. C. Burgess, Ebenezer Sharpe, Capt. E. P. Howe, I. C. Hays and others, all members of the First Presbyterian Church.

    The Sabbath School has an average attendance of over two hundred, sometimes reaching nearly two hundred and fifty.  Regular religious services are held of Sunday evenings, and a prayer meeting, conducted by the officers of the mission, is held on each Wednesday evening.

    Rev. L. G. Hay has been appointed to take charge of this mission, and it is expected that a church will be established in the course of the present year.

    The laborers in this work have been active and zealous, and it has been a successful enterprise from the start.  The chapel occupied by the mission, was purchased for that purpose by James W. Brown, Esq., a citizen noted for his munificence in regard to religious enterprises in this city.  The mission has thus had a chapel furnished free of rent -- an assistance of no small moment to a young organization.

From the importance of this field and the encouragement which the enterprise has received, it is confidently predicted that the North Street Mission will, as no greatly distant day, develop into one of the largest and most prosperous churches of Indianapolis.

    The value of the property is about $3,500.

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