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Memorial Chapel

    Memorial Chapel is located on the corner of Christian avenue and Bellefontaine street; and was founded, as it has since been maintained, by the Second Presbyterian Church.  A Sabbath-School, under the charge of Mr. M. R. Barnard, as superintendent, was immediately organized, and has steadily increased in prosperity ever since.  George Crane, Esq., succeeded Mr. Barnard, in October, 1870.  His labors in building up the mission have been both zealous and successful; so that the average attendance is about seventy-five.  From the first, weekly prayer meetings have been held; which have also been well attended--the citizens in that vicinity taking an active interest in the sucessess of the mission.  Should the enterprise continue to prosper in the future as in the past, (of which there is no reason to doubt,) the result will be the early admission of this mission into the Presbytery as a full grown church.

    The building in which the services of the Mission are held, is a neat frame structure, with seating room or about two hundred persons, and was erected in the spring of 1870, at a cost, including that of site, of about $3,500.

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