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May Flower Church

    Location:  Corner of St. Clair and East streets.

    A Sabbath-School, organized by the Young Men's Christian Association, at a small private house on the corner of Jackson and Cherry streets, resulted in the organization of the present Mayflower Congregational Church, on the 23d May, 1869.  The original membership consisted of thirteen members, who united with the church by letter:  five from the Plymouth Congregational Church of this city; two from the Third Street M. E. Church; one from Roberts Park M. E. Church; three from the Fourth Presbyterian Church.

    The church building, located as above, was dedicated in January, 1870.  It is a frame building, forty by sixty feet, and simple and neat in its architectural aspects.  From the time of organization as a church until November, 1870, the Rev. C. M. Sanders was pastor.  He was succeeded on the 1st April, 1871, by the Rev. G. W. Barnum, the present pastor.

    Forty-three members have united with the church since its organization.

    The present number of members is about thirty-five.  The Sabbath-School has about two hundred and twenty five pupils.

    The present officers are:  M. S. Whitehead and J. R. Irving, Deacons; Andrew Fisher, Treasurer; E. D. Olin, Clerk; S. A. Fletcher, Andrew Fisher and E. D. Olin, Trustees.

    The value of the church property is about $5,000.

    Summary--Total membership of the Congregational Denomination in Indianapolis, two hundred and thirty-five; total Sabbath-School membership, three hundred and fifty; total value of church property, $43,000.

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