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Grace Church

    Location:  Corner of Pennsylvania and St. Joseph streets.

    This parish was organized in January, 1854.  The membership of Christ Church, having become very large, and it being believed that there was a field for a new enterprise, Messrs. Deloss Root, J. O. D. Lilly, and Nelson Kingman, with their families, withdrew, and organized the present parish of Grace Church.

    The present house of worship of the parish was built without delay, and dedicated in the summer of 1854.  Shortly afterward, the Rev. M. V. Averill, was called to the rectorship of the parish, who remained about two and a-half years.  Mr. Averill was an energetic, as well as able rector; and the prosperity of the parish during his rectorship, is attested by the fact that in that period, the number of communicants increased from ten to sixy.  Mr. Averill was succeeded by the Rev. Dr. C. B. Davidson, who remained with the parish about three years; at the end of which time the number of communicants was about seventy-five.  Dr. Davidson retired on the 10th of October, 1870.  For several months the parish was without a rector.  On the 1st of January, 1871, the Rev. James Runcie was called to the rectorship; who entered upon his duties on the 1st of March, 1871.

    The present membership of the church is about seventy-five.

    The Sabbath-School, of which George W. Geiger, Esq., is Superintendent, has one hundred and ten members.

    The church edifice is a frame building, of the modified Gothic style, and is particularly neat and tasteful in its ensemble, finish, and appointments.  It is doubtful if at a like expense, a better effect in respect of a house of worship, could be produced.  The aspects of the interior are inviting and suggestive of comfort.  The windows are of stained glass; the ceiling, of the open-roofed construction.  The chancel, in the ornamentation of its triple windows, and its appointments, is artistic; the symbols typifying, with fine effect, the idea expressed in the name, Grace Church.  The church has a fine organ.

    The value of the building and site, is about $11,000.

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