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German Reformed

    There are two societies of this Denomination in Indianapolis:  the First and Second German Reformed Churches.

    This denomination is a breach of the church of the great Reformation inaugurated in Germany in the sixteenth century, and the source of the present numerous family of Protestant denominations.  Among the fathers of the German Reformed Church were Zwingle, Melancthon and Calvin, whose creed differed in several respects from that of the Father of the German Reformation, Luther.

    The Lutheran and German Reformed denominations originated about the same time (A. D., 1519):  the former in Northern German; the latter in Switzerland, whence it spread into Southern Germany, France, Holland and England.

    The German Reformed Church first obtained a foothold in this country in the year 1740, in Pennsylvania, where the Rev. Mr. Schlatter labored as the first German Reformed Synod of the United States, and the other Synods that labor through the Board of Domestic missions of the German Reformed Church.

    This much by way of preliminary observations upon the denomination in general.

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