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Episcopal Mission

    A flourishing Mission, sustained by St. Paul's Parish, has been established in the north-western part of the city.  A suitable site has been purchased, and during the present year, Saint Paul's Chapel (Second), will be completed; the site and building to cost about $5,000.

    Pending the appointment of an Assistant Minister of St. Paul's the Mission will continue to be served by the Rector, the Rev. Mr. Walden; who conducts its regular religious services every Thursday evening, in the temporary building occupied by the Mission.  Of Sundays its members attend the services in Saint Paul's Cathedral.

    The Sabbath-School, of which Mr. S. R. Lippencott, is Superintendent, and Mrs. Harriet Preston, Lady Manager, is in a flourishing condition.

    Summary--Total membership of the Episcopal denomination, in Indianapolis, five hundred and eighty-two; total Sabbath-School membership, seven hundred and forty-three; total value of church property, $168,000.

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