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Yandes, Simon

            Were I to omit speaking of my old friend and school-mate, I would do great injustice to my own feelings and to the respect I entertain for him.  Some forty-two years ago he was my antagonist in a pitched and warmly contested battle, caused by question of territorial jurisdiction and the ownership of a head of cabbage.  He then did not seem so long for this world as he does now, although four decades of time have passed away.   This was the first and last difficulty we ever had, and was settled by a pro tem. magistrate in the presence of our parents.  He studied law, and being diligent at his books and endowed with many good qualities, made fair lawyer, and for several years successfully practiced his profession.  He is at present, and has been for some years, engaged with J. H. McKernan in the real estate business, having quit the practice of law.


            Mr. Yandes (like John Ewing, of Knox) has never met with a lady to whose keeping he felt willing to intrust [sic] himself, and is yet outside the pale of matrimony.  He is plain and unpretending in his manners, regular and temperate in his habits, and has a pleasant smile and kind word for all with whom he meets, and his integrity is unimpeachable.  Such is the eldest son of Daniel Yandes, a citizen that came to this city in the spring of 1821, when the subject of this sketch was but a child.


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