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Moore, Thomas

Thomas Moore is a native of County Fermanagh, Ireland, where his birth occurred on the 6th of August, 1808.  At the age of sixteen his parents determined to emigrate to America, there being at that time few avenues to advancement or independence open to the poorer classes in Ireland, while the New World offered unlimited possibilities to the industrious and ambitious foreigner.  After a brief sojourn in Washington, Pa., Mr. Moore and his family removed to the vicinity of Zanesville, Ohio, and in 1831 made Thomas Moore’s present farm, in Marion County, Ind., their permanent abode, where the father died on the 8th of January, 1838.  The education Thomas received in his youth was necessarily limited, but sufficient knowledge of the rudiments was obtained to be of service in this subsequent career.  His first employment in Indiana was in connection with public improvements and the construction of roads.  This was continued for a period, when Mr. Moore engaged in the transportation of goods from Cincinnati for the merchants of Indianapolis, and also became a successful farmer, making this the business of his life.  His industry, application to the work in hand, and discretion in the management of his varied interests have received their reward in a competency which is now enjoyed in his declining years.  Mr. Moore was married, in January, 1832, to Miss Catherine, daughter of William Moore, who resided near Zanesville, Ohio.  Her death occurred June 29, 1867.  Their children are three daughters,  -Jane (deceased), Mary Ann (Mrs. George Langsdale, who died in Texas in April, 1880), and Margaret J. (Mrs. Wilmer Christian, o Indianapolis).  Mr. Moore has always been in his political predilections a consistent Democrat, though not active as a politician and without ambition for the honors of office.  The Moore family are of Scotch-Irish lineage, the grandfather of the subject of this biographical sketch having married a Mss Reid, to whom were born nine children.  Their son Thomas, a native of County Donegal, Ireland, married Miss Catherine Gutherie, of County Fermanagh, Ireland, and had two sons and six daughters.  The sons, John and Thomas, are represented by portraits in this work.

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