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Landis, Milton Morris

Mr. Landis was born in Indianapolis, on the 12th of April, 1830.  He is the only living son of the late Jacob Landis.

He received the most of his education in the old County Seminary, situated on what is now known as University Square.  During vacation he engaged in purchasing live stock for his father.  For several years he was clerk for Blythe & Holland.  He was engaged in the office of the Terre Haute and Richmond railroad for thirteen years, and during the war worked day and night forwarding munitions of war and provisions to the army.  He was then the local agent for this city of the New York Central railroad.  He then became general agent of the White Line, which was the largest and most successful line that passed through Indianapolis.  He was for some time connected with the late John M. Caldwell, in the wholesale grocery business, at the southwest corner of Meridian and Maryland streets.  When Mr. Caldwell retired from business, the firm continued as Landis, O’Connor & Co.  This is one of the largest as well as most successful wholesale grocery establishments in the city.

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