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Davis, Joseph W.

This jolly, good -natured gentleman, as his very appearance indicates, has been one of the successful business men of Indianapolis for the last eighteen years.

Mr. Davis is a native of Boston, Massachusetts, but came to Cincinnati, Ohio, when a mere child, and there lived until 1852, when with his family and but little else, he came to this city.

A short time after his arrival here he was preparing to erect a brass foundry in a densely populated part of the city, but was stopped by the Common Council, as they had made the discovery, or been informed, that brass foundries were explosive, and compelled Mr. D. to seek another location.

The present city authorities are not so fearful of a brass foundry, as he is erecting one at this time that fronts on two of our business streets.

Mr. Davis was the first engineer of our steam fire engines, and for many years managed them successfully and to the satisfaction of all who had property exposed to the devouring element.

He was represented different Wards in the Council, made a good and efficient member, ever watching the interest of his constituents, and ready to expose and put down corruption when and wherever found.

He has accumulated property, and now ranks as a first-class business man, and is universally respected for his urbanity of manners and strict honesty and integrity.


Nowland, John H. B., “Early Reminiscences of Indianapolis, with Short Biographical Sketches of Its Early Citizens, and of a Few of the Prominent Business Men of the Present Day,” 1870, p.378

 Transcribed by Sherri Morem Bergman