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Brown, Hiram

    During his residence of thirty years in and adjoining this city, there was no man more generally or favorably known than he.  He was the fourth lawyer to make this place his home, having come here in November, 1823.  He was a native of Brownsville, Pennsylvania; his fther was the proprietor of the that town, hence its name.

    At an early day he came to Lebanon, Ohio, and entered the law office of that distinguished lawyer and statesman, the  late Thomas Corwin.  Mr. Brown proved himself a worthy student of is talented preceptor, and soon occupied a high position in this judicial circuit as a lawyer, and from the day he first came to this city up to the time of his death was never without clients in abundance, especially in criminal cases.  No man, in his day, in the State ranked higher as a criminal lawyer than Hiram Brown.  There are many of our old citizens who will remember his defense of Major John Jamison in a case where a woman was the prosecuting witness. 

    In wit and repartee he was unequalled in the State, and who never vanquished in a war of words.

    Mr. Brown has a son and several daughters residents of the city.  One of his daughters is the wife of that well known lawyer, Albert G. Porter; another the wife of Jas. C. Yohn; and a third is the wife of Samuel Delzell.

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