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Brady, Henry

    The name of Mr. Brady has been a household word in Marion County for forty-seven years.  He is a native of Pennsylvania, but emigrated to this State when quite young.  His first residence in Indiana was in Jackson County, from whence he came to this county and settled six miles east of town, in Warren Township, in 1822, where he yet resides.  He went, as all others did, into the woods, and now, by his own labor principally, has one of the finest farms in that neighborhood. 

    He was for many years a magistrate of that township.  He has represented the county at different times in both branches of the legislature, and was every popular with the people; the county has nearly always been opposed to the political party to which he belongs, yet when he was a candidate before them the people seemed to forget for a while their party allegiance; indeed, he has been successful over some of the most popular leaders of the opposite party.  He came to this county a Jackson man, and has strictly adhered to the political party that sprung from the administration of the old hero.

    I have before me an "Indianapolis Gazette," printed in the year 1827.  In this he offers his services to the people as a surveyor at two dollars per diem. 

    The old gentleman has moved o in the even tenor of his way ever since.  He has lately renewed his youth by taking to himself a young wife, and it is to be hoped by his many friends he will get a renewal of the lease of life. 

    It is quite unnecessary to say that Esquire Brady is one of the solid farmers of Marion County, and is universally respected as far as known.

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