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Bradley, Henry

            I have in a former sketch alluded to the fact that Mr. Bradley came to this place with my father’s family, in the fall of 1820.  After remaining here a few weeks, he returned to his home, near Frankfort, in Franklin County, Kentucky, and moved out in the spring.  Mr. Bradley, in politics, was an old line Whig; in religion, a “hard shell” Baptist.  He was for many years a magistrate of this township, and made a good and efficient officer.  After his official career he was a successful merchant, and partner of Stoughton A. Fletcher in that business.  Several years since he removed to his farm in Johnson county, on Sugar creek, and where the railroad and Madison State road cross that stream.  He has now been dead about eleven years.

            Mr. B had but two children; James, the eldest, born in Kentucky, and William, born in this place.  The latter died ere he had reached his majority.  James, with his mother, still resides on their farm; they own some fine city property in this plce.  James is quite wealthy.  He is a director of, and large stock-holder in, the Jeffersonville and Indianapolis Railroad Company; he was for some time President of, and stockholder in, the Jeffersonville bank.  I have seen but little of him since boyhood, but am told he is possessed of fine business qualifications.  He was fond of good cheer when a boy, and, to judge from his looks, is yet; and, like all other successful men, of course, smart.

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