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If you have any newspaper articles that you would like to submit to be posted here, please contact me.  If more articles are submitted, I'll move this article to its own page.  Enjoy! 

The following is a very unusual article submitted by James Thompson.  Here is his email: 

Unless you were aware of this previously, it may be extremely bizarre, but in searching online historical newspapers from Colorado, I found an 1882 newspaper story (from a CO newspaper, but attributed to the Toledo Bee) describing an alleged and very strange event that was supposed to have happened in Lawrence IN; I'm hoping this is relevant to genealogical and historical interests there.
Although many newspapers at the time printed joke and hoax stories, this one gives a variety of names, some of which have turned up in cursory Google searches related to Lawrence IN genealogy searches. That finding led me to you.
I'm wondering if anyone in the area, or in touch from elsewhere, might be descended from these individuals. I'm very definitely interested to know if any separate local history records describe the event, or if anyone recalls hearing about this, if indeed these were actual individuals living there, as well as any local printed reports or other matter.

The original article (or full page) may be seen at http://www.coloradohistoricnewspapers.org/Default/Skins/Colorado/Client.asp?Skin=Colorado&AW=1321500652800&AppName=2 or its intrinsic link. The publication was 6/29/1882 Fort Collins (CO) Courier. I have been unable to find any Toledo Bee editions online anywhere close to that date, though Google News stills hosts some much later years of that newspaper.

I cannot even guess whether the story had any aspect of truth, but perhaps others locally might be able to fill in some details. Initially I was going to email this to Lawrence County, until I noticed that Lawrence is in Marion County. Due to an awkward function on the website, I had to do a roundabout cut-and-paste series of functions, so the story is with this email in five attachments. The story can be read by following the attachments in numerical order.  It's really compelling stuff, very fascinating, and you'll see why I have such interest in learning whether there's anything more behind this. Please feel free to forward this to anyone who may have local interest, but I'd like to write about it, as I am a published writer (though with more 'normal' lines of interest!). If these were real people, their descendants would likely be interested, and I'd like to offer my email address for any followups.  (radiotaboo@hotmail.com)

Thank you, James Thompson.