The 35th Annual Marion Marching Invitational, which will be held in the evening on Saturday, September 26th, 2015.

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Results are listed further down this page.

2014 Press Release

On Saturday, September 27, eighteen of Iowa's finest marching bands will perform in the 34thAnnual Marion Marching Invitational.  The competition will be held at the Marion Football Field across from Thomas Park.  Over 1,800 students will be involved in this Iowa High School Music Association sanctioned event. 

Participating high school bands, in order of performance, are: Springville, Center Point-Urbana, Vinton-Shellsburg, Keokuk, Maquoketa, Central Community, Independence, Davis County, Clear Creek-Amana, Clinton, CR Kennedy, CR Jefferson, Davenport Central, Ottumwa, Muscatine, Linn-Mar, Waterloo West, and Marion.

Trophies will be awarded for all places and to the best drum major, best color guard, best horn line and best drum line in each class.  Special awards will also be given to the outstanding drum major, color guard, horn line, drumline, and overall champion for the entire evening.

The competition will start at 4:50 pm with an admission of $6 for adults and students (children 4 and under free).  Gates will open at 4:15 pm.  Contact Chad Allard, Marion High School Band Director, 377-9891 ext. 1138, or email for further information.

Plan now to attend the 34th Annual Marion Marching Invitational on Saturday, September 27th.

2014 Schedule

Class Perform School
  4:50 Opening Ceremonies
1A 5:00 Springville
3A 5:15 Center Point-Urbana
3A 5:30 Vinton-Shellsburg
3A 5:45 Keokuk
3A 6:00 Maquoketa
3A 6:15 Central Community
  6:30 15 Minute Break
3A 6:45 Independence
3A 7:00 Davis County
3A 7:15 Clear Creek-Amana
4A 7:30 Clinton
4A 7:45 CR Kennedy
4A 8:00 CR Jefferson
  8:15 15 Minute Break
4A 8:30 Muscatine
4A 8:45 Ottumwa
4A 9:00 Davenport Central
4A 9:15 Linn-Mar
4A 9:30 Waterloo West
Exh 9:45 Marion HS
  10:00 Awards

Marion Marching Invitational

$6 for adults/students/senior citizens
children 4 and under free

Handicap parking is available in the stadium.  Regular parking is available at Thomas Park or on the surrounding side streets.  See map below (1st ave. will be closed from 1st street to 7th street for bus parking).

Map to the Marion Football Field

Marion High School Football Field

Results of the 2014 Marion Marching Invitational:

Results of the 2014 Marion Marching Invitational 

Class 1A

1st Place          Springville                              56.5


Best Guard                 Springville

Best Drumline           Springville

Best Hornline             Springville

Best Drum Major       Springville

Class 3A

1st Place          Clear Creek Amana               84.9

2nd Place         Independence                       84.3

3rd Place         Davis County                         69.6

4th Place         Maquoketa                             67.4

5th Place         Vinton-Shellsburg                 63.1

6th Place         Center Point-Urbana            61.5

7th Place         Keokuk                                   57.7

8th Place         Central Community              48.8


Best Guard                 Independence

Best Drumline           Clear Creek Amana

Best Hornline             Independence

Best Drum Major       Independence


Class 4A


1st Place          Linn-Mar                                89.9

2nd Place         Davenport Central                87.5

3rd Place         Waterloo West                       86.9

4th Place         Cedar Rapids Jefferson        80.0

5th Place         Clinton                                    75.8

6th Place         Cedar Rapids Kennedy        75.7

7th Place         Muscatine                              69.6

8th Place         Ottumwa                                65.8


Best Guard                 Linn-Mar

Best Drumline           Davenport Central

Best Hornline             Linn-Mar

Best Drum Major       Linn-Mar


Overall Best Guard             Linn-Mar

Overall Best Drumline       Davenport Central

Overall Best Hornline        Linn-Mar

Overall Best Drum Major  Linn-Mar


Overall Champion   Linn-Mar

Results of the 2013 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 2A
1) 71.7 Hillcrest Christian (guard, drumline, hornline, DM)
2) 50.4 Central Lee

Class 3A
1) 72.1 Clear Creek Amana (guard, drumline, DM)
2) 71.9 Benton Community (hornline)
3) 66.5 Davis County
4) 62.1 Vinton Shellsburg
5) 61.5 Western Dubuque
6) 59.7 Center Point Urbana
7) 56.1 Mt. Vernon
8) 54.2 Anamosa

Class 4A
1) 81.3 Waterloo West (drumline)
2) 81.0 Linn Mar (guard, hornline, DM)
3) 75.1 Prairie
4) 65.0 Muscatine
5) 64.0 Ottumwa
6) 60.4 Xavier

Overall Best Guard: Linn-Mar
Overall Best Drumline: Waterloo West
Overall Best Hornline: Linn-Mar
Overall Best Drum Major: Linn-Mar

Overall Champion: Waterloo West

Results of the 2012 Marion Marching Invitational:

SCHOOL Total Place
Springville (1A) 63.8 1st 1A
Wilton (2A) 63.4 1st 2A
Jesup (2A) 61.0 2nd 2A
Central Lee (2A) 59.0 3rd 2A
Alburnett (2A) 49.0 4th 2A
Clear Creek Amana (3A) 75.7 1st 3A
Davis County (3A) 72.8 2nd 3A
Ft. Madison (3A) 71.4 3rd 3A
Maquoketa (3A) 67.5 4th 3A
Central Community (3A) 61.6 5th 3A
Anamosa (3A) 59.1 6th 3A
Linn-Mar (4A) 86.7 1st 4A
Xavier (4A) 76.2 2nd 4A
Ottumwa (4A) 73.0 3rd 4A
Muscatine (4A) 71.6 4th 4A
Western Dubuque (4A) 64.1 5th 4A
1A/2A Central Lee Springville Wilton Springville
3A  Clear Creek - Amana Maquoketa Clear Creek - Amana Clear Creek - Amana
4A  Linn-Mar Linn-Mar Linn-Mar Muscatine
OVERALL Linn-Mar Linn-Mar Linn-Mar Clear Creek - Amana
Overall Champion Linn-Mar  


Results of the 2011 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 1A

1st Place-Springville-58.5

Class 2A

1st Place-Davis County-63.3

2nd Place-Wilton-58.9

3rd Place-Jesup-58.0

Best Guard Class 1A/2A-Davis County
Best Drumline Class 1A/2A-Davis County
Best Hornline Class 1A/2A-Davis County
Best Drum Major Class 1A/2A-Davis County

Class 3A

1st Place-Clear Creek-Amana-72.4

2nd Place-Keokuk-71.8

3rd Place-Fort Madison-55.2

4th Place-Anamosa-54.7

Best Guard Class 3A-Clear Creek-Amana
Best Drumline Class 3A-Keokuk
Best Hornline Class 3A-Clear Creek-Amana
Best Drum Major Class 3A-Clear Creek-Amana

Class 4A

1st Place-Muscatine-69.2

2nd Place-Dubuque Hempstead-61.8

3rd Place-Ottumwa-60.5

Best Guard Class 4A-Muscatine
Best Drumline Class 4A-Muscatine
Best Hornline Class 4A-Muscatine
Best Drum Major Class 4A-Muscatine

All Classes
Overall Best Guard-
Clear Creek-Amana
Overall Best Drumline-Clear Creek-Amana
Overall Best Hornline-Keokuk
Overall Best Drum Major-Clear Creek-Amana

Overall Champion-Clear Creek-Amana

Results of the 2010 Marion Marching Invitational:

30th Anniversary  (1981-2010)

Class 1A

1st Place-Central City-53.7

Class 2A

1st Place-Davis County-72.0

2nd Place-Jesup-62.4

3rd Place-Beckman-61.5

4th Place-Alburnett-48.1


Class 1A/2A Caption Awards

Best Drum Major-Davis County

Best Horn Line-Davis County

Best Drum Line-Davis County

Best Color Guard-Davis County


Class 3A

1st Place-Clear Creek-Amana-75.2

2nd Place-Fort Madison-68.9

3rd Place-Benton Community-67.9

4th Place-Western Dubuque-65.5

5th Place-Anamosa-65.1

6th Place-Mt. Vernon-54.4


Class 3A Caption Awards

Best Drum Major-Clear Creek-Amana

Best Horn Line-Clear Creek-Amana

Best Drum Line-Clear Creek-Amana

Best Color Guard-Benton Community


Class 4A

1st Place-Linn-Mar-88.4

2nd Place-Clinton-72.6

3rd Place-Ottumwa-63.4


Class 4A Caption Awards

Best Drum Major-Linn-Mar

Best Horn Line-Linn-Mar

Best Drum Line-Linn-Mar

Best Color Guard-Linn-Mar


Overall Caption Awards (all classes)

Best Drum Major-Linn-Mar

Best Horn Line-Linn-Mar

Best Drum Line-Linn-Mar

Best Color Guard-Linn-Mar

Overall Champion-Linn-Mar

Results of the 2009 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 2A

1st Place-Eddyville/Blakesburg-76.3

2nd Place-Wilton-53.7

3rd Place-West Marshall-51.0

4th Place-Beckman-50.5

Best Guard Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drumline Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Hornline Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drum Major Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg

Class 3A

1st Place-Benton Community-67.3

2nd Place-Western Dubuque-67.1

3rd Place-Oelwein-66.9

4th Place-Davis County-64.7

5th Place-Solon-64.6

6th Place-Keokuk-62.2

7th Place-South Tama-56.5

8th Place-Fort Madison-56.2

9th Place-Anamosa-55.8

10th Place-Clear Creek/Amana-53.7

Best Guard Class 3A-Oelwein
Best Drumline Class 3A-Oelwein
Best Hornline Class 3A-Benton Community
Best Drum Major Class 3A-Benton Community

Class 4A

1st Place-Clinton-75.1

2nd Place-Dubuque Hempstead-75.0

3rd Place-Ottumwa-63.7

Best Guard Class 4A-Clinton
Best Drumline Class 4A-Clinton
Best Hornline Class 4A-Dubuque Hempstead
Best Drum Major Class 4A-Dubuque Hempstead

All Classes
Overall Best Guard-
Overall Best Drumline-Eddyville/Blakesburg
Overall Best Hornline-Dubuque Hempstead
Overall Best Drum Major-Eddyville/Blakesburg

Overall Champion-Eddyille/Blakesburg

Results of the 2008 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 2A

3rd Place-Alburnett-48.5

2nd Place-Beckman-61.4

1st Place-Eddyville/Blakesburg-76.9

Best Guard Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drumline Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Hornline Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drum Major Class 2A-Eddyville Blakesburg

Class 3A

7th Place-Anamosa-52.2

6th Place-Mt. Vernon-57.8

5th Place-South Tama-60.6

4th Place-Benton Community-61.1

3rd Place-Oelwein-62.9

2nd Place-Davis County-66.4

1st Place-Western Dubuque-68.7

Best Guard Class 3A-Davis County
Best Drumline Class 3A-Western Dubuque
Best Hornline Class 3A-Western Dubuque
Best Drum Major Class 3A-Western Dubuque

Class 4A

3rd Place-Bettendorf-74.5

2nd Place-Linn-Mar-81.1

1st Place-Oskaloosa-82.9

Best Guard Class 4A-Oskaloosa
Best Drumline Class 4A-Oskaloosa
Best Hornline Class 4A-Linn-Mar
Best Drum Major Class 4A-Oskaloosa

All Classes
Overall Best Guard-
Overall Best Drumline-Oskaloosa
Overall Best Hornline-Linn-Mar
Overall Best Drum Major-Oskaloosa

Results of the 2007 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 1A
Springville 56.4

Class 2A
1st Place Eddyville-Blakesburg 70.9
2nd Place West Liberty 48.1
3rd Place Beckman 44.9
4th Place Alburnett 41.2

Best Guard Class 1A/2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drumline Class 1A/2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Hornline Class 1A/2A-Eddyville Blakesburg
Best Drum Major Class 1A/2A-Eddyville Blakesburg

Class 3A
1st Place Oskaloosa 81.4
2nd Place Western Dubuque 62.3
3rd Place Davis County 61.2
4th Place Anamosa 59.0
5th Place South Tama 58.1
6th Place Benton Community 53.6
7th Place Center Point-Urbana 53.2
8th Place Xavier 52.5

Best Guard-Oskaloosa
Best Drumline-Oskaloosa
Best Hornline-Oskaloosa
Best Drum Major-Oskaloosa

Class 4A
1st Place Cedar Rapids Jefferson 79.5
2nd Place Clinton 73.9
3rd Place Bettendorf 71.4
4th Place Dubuque Hempstead 67.4

Best Guard-Clinton
Best Drumline-CR Jefferson
Best Hornline-CR Jefferson
Best Drum Major-CR Jefferson

All Classes
Overall Best Guard-
Overall Best Drumline-CR Jefferson
Overall Best Hornline-CR Jefferson
Overall Best Drum Major-Oskaloosa

Results of the 2006 Marion Marching Invitational:

Class 1A

Springville     1st Place              

Class 2A

Eddyville-Blakesburg   1st Place     
Maquoketa Valley        2nd Place      
Alburnett                    3rd Place      

Best Guard:  Eddyville-Blakesburg
Best Drumline:  Eddyville-Blakesburg
Best Drum Major:  Eddyville-Blakesburg

Class 3A     
Oskaloosa                   1st Place   
Davis County               2nd Place
South Tama                 3rd Place
Anamosa                     4th Place
Center Point-Urbana     5th Place
Dyersville-Beckman      6th Place  
Xavier                          7th Place  

Best Guard:  Oskaloosa
Best Drumline:  Oskaloosa
Best Drum Major:  Oskaloosa

Class 4A  
Linn-Mar                    1st Place   
Clinton                       2nd Place  
Dubuque Hempstead   3rd Place   
Bettendorf                  4th Place  

Best Guard:  Clinton
Best Drumline:  Dubuque Hempstead
Best Drum Major:  Dubuque Hempstead

Overall (All Classes) Caption Awards:
Best Guard Overall:  Clinton
Best Drumline Overall:  Dubuque Hempstead
Best Drum Major Overall:  Oskaloosa

Chad Allard,
May 19, 2015, 12:32 PM