How to get a skin for minecraft (non-premium)

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You will need a google account for this (
sign up for one here).
Step 1: Sign up for a account at if you don't have one (free or premium does not matter).
 Screenshot Step 1
Step 2: go to click login and log in with your google account.
 Screenshot Step 2
Step 3: Hover over your google username or email then click settings.
 Screenshot Step 3
Step 4: When in there connect your minecraft account in the Connect Username bit so it looks like the screenshot blow.
 Screenshot Step 7
Step 5: Go to choose a skin and click the Download button.
 Screenshot Step 5
Step 6: Then go to click login and log in with any account you want but i did it with my google account then upload the photo
 Screenshot Step 6
Step 7: Copy the Email & IM url and paste it to the skin url box on and click set.
 Screenshot Step 7
Step 8: Go to the download page what is on the Mineshafter site and download the "Windows Proxy Launcher" and "Mineshafter Client Proxy". For non-windows don't download the "Windows Proxy Launcher".
 Screenshot Step 8
Step 9: Put them in a folder then open the Proxy.
 Screenshot Step 9
Step 10: A Minecraft Launcher will open and Log In with your account then Enjoy.
 Screenshot Step 10

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