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blackbloard  whiteboard

spanish only



16 minutes

not pizza

not building 
americans, the best thing we could do is domino effects
they never thought it was a probability test.


we open pbooks    buy books by the meters
interior decorating
I need to cover 2.5 meters

many people think that dominos is a mind challending game  more than bridge

the game is the best thing that humans can find that can employ the mind 

better than bridge   because all are engaged.

people in usa think of kids

let's challenge ourselves

s see who 

s make friends
there is a passion for the activity

we know that pragmatism of the usa
there is no time for people to love chess.  USA people don't sit down to think for a long time.  they are not educated to sit for a long time for thinking.   thingk then act.

in our countries, we have time, we take tiem to think we do a lot of activities 
taht's why dominoes and chess

the greatest chess player
from the   capablanca  cuban

he had a response to the ruy lopez open     english opening... variant...  sicilian defense 

who is the most 

bortn in USA


live in usa
José Raúl Capablanca
8:59 AM
Leinier Dominguez
highest ranking born in the americas
we have passions for games for the mind.

a blessing  ...  2002  anatole karpov plays dominoes.   a future 

bill gates plahing 
teach bridge in schools

we are here to invite you into our world.


i set up a domino table in classroom 3   
we play on a system   best of three.  rotating in.

i wanted the students to be trapped by the beauty of 

almost everybody was focusing on what we were doing.

i am staying here
he waited for 25 mintues

so i can beat mario.  then 

that is a perfect ambience for a healthy competitvieness.  healthy    student tries to focus to learn to excell.   how can we build strategies.

they don't even have to come to school

i don't teach
i teach the mind to learn
if they can learn the right strategy, they cna learn what to do.
if we give them the tools that they need fo rlearning, then they can learn on their onw

how do you plan to teach me english
i have fialed to learn english all my life.

i will teach your mind to think
i will give you the short cuts about how the mind thinks
how to make decisions

how do you strategize 


leonartd cohen  i teach hearts to break   how do we separate info form knowledge

how do we know that someone has learned something?

jk and her endlighs   midewet accent


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top 20 people to a championship
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there are lots of people who go to domino tournaments



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