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Let's be clear.   There are websites that have useful materials and then there are websites that promote the idea that DOMINOES is a stacking activity or a game for kids (without use to adults)
The future of Dominoes is in this column

1.  We prefer to write DOMINOS (like the rest of the world)

2.  We accept donations to the DOMINOS EDUCATION FUND to support wider use of dominos in schools.

Send your donation to 
Building International Bridges
2314 Desota Drive
Fort Lauderdlae, FL  33301

3.  We will post links in thi column to connect you to educational videos and websites about the mind-altering, brain-growing aspects of the Tiles.

The Stacking Activity

Yes, you can test this.   Enter "dominoes" in a search engine and look at the number of references to the "domino effect" -- demonstrations of falling dominoes

What is the longest sustained domino collapse?

Now try a test:  do NOT use the "E" -- dominos competition.

You might find this link
You will see a link on the page... 

Campeonato Mundial de Domino

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Video 6

Video 7

Video 8

The "game for kids" (without mind-challenging factors)