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Notes from Nov 2011

The purpose of showing notes is to give students an idea about one way to create a book or essay.  There are false starts, many ideas from brainstorming, editing, rewriting... See Alison Gopnik's observation ... "most children don't see the work that an adult does before the finished product is shown to them."  These "NOTES" pages are intended to give students a view into the minds of adults.

The Thoughts and their categories

high level domoinos but it explains the the

this is a book for people ho think they are experts of dominos

you ause to thin

Paud eo t hin is the most important wayto communicate with yoru partner to misinform or to inform you are paying with a partne. You have to become a team and you will communicate thorugh lapsse so fthinking and pauses.

Strategic Pausing and Its Categories

Strategic Pauses

I f we undersn that stragtgic pauing is the only legal element allouwed in dominaotes, it will be importat to define what they are.

If there are different stargteic pauses competing at the talbe, the two teams at play will be introducing different codes. As a consequences, the information presented by those codes will be hidden from the other team.


There is one big problem in the internatl world o f dominos. When people sit down and play, they have different ways to communicate. The ideal domino game, four people from four different

that would be the fairest of all games. When humans paly at least onece, codes start emerging.


it means that the least you can request from couples playing that they are all using the same code. There is one pssible way for that to happen. Stargteci pausing Is the only valid and legal form of comjincation.

Thats' why it is worth learning.

Every player knows that there is a need to find ways to communicate with his partner. Most palyer will be worried tht if you are using a method that the other couple is aware of, it is giving them an advantage. IF the other couple is using a messtage that

that is when dominos is born. Be cause both teams are payong under the same code and are giving out the same information. Anyone who sits donw, immediate undrstand

there is a dstandard. You wil learn that and we will explain that through out the book.

Pausing is held as the basic element of commuincatoin.

Is this leel of commuication sufficeint to paly dominoes correctly? There is still an extra element of communication that has to be made part of the code of pausing. It is INTENTION. If a domoino player plays with a slow ly and lethargically. It has a meeanig.

if he takes a stone and plays it energetically, that has a nother meeting.

It will be helpful to descrive the speed


Plying without puaing: if paying withohter pauding is done by the opeing player, then it means that the pauer in question has an excellent game in his hand.

Dominos ar suhuttled,

if on the contray I c=[auds I have at least one problem in my henad. If you pause a longer time, it means, this is a ery difficult game to win.

If you pasue a short

if you pause REALLY long

there is a hierarchy of how you

if you pause a long time whith a good hand, you are miscommunicating.


NO PAUSING: other than the opener, when a player plays witout pausing, it means he has ONLY one choice to play. When you play fast, you say, “I have onother

if you swaure 5s, it means he has no

oterh five to pay.

If he wants to decive, he might pause a bit...

that decption comes later

that comes later...

we are here only to show the stanard codes.

When you play to cover the end of the domoinos skeleton (there are onely two ends)( and you pause to pay, you are communication something about the end that you are going to cover.

Fi the game is squared at five, and you play rapidly, it means you don't have more fives. What do I know about the other end? If yo uplay 5-3 what do I know fo the three. Is that a nbmer that you would like to develop or is it a is it strong or weak? How should I (as the partner or competing time) know about that?

When the payer pays, whereth he pauses shortly or not at all, he will have a type of movement that faster or more firm, it says that the suit that we are producign.,is good.

The laxer the movemtn, the weaker the suit. If the wrist tursn whil the tile is played, it is a laxer movemtn. If the wrist remains firm while the tile is palyer wuckly, there is more energy in the tile and the palyer says, “This is my strong suit.”

We also have short pausing.

At the time of opening, it indicates the posible presence of another double or it is announcing a possible complication held by the opening player. In any ofther case, a short pause indidcate that the payler has more than one option or chioce to play.

If you are forced to play, you will commuincate how small the suit is producing. When you have a choice, now dominoes becomes interesting.. You have to play close attention to what a man chooses. The choice with communicate the strngeth or wekaness of the hand that is being played.

Long Pauses: for the openier, it announces a very weak hand. It is very possbiel that there are two or three doubles. In other circumstances, it is will anojcne that a player has many options to paly. Or that the prsent or current play is extremely complex.



there is a fourth typd of pause. To think a house to think very long. 30 econd or 35 seconds.

It is the longest of all pauses in dominos. It always requires special attention. It s a call of attention for the player using it wants to annoucne that something big is going to happen. He may have seen that he is going to lose the hand no matter what, and he will play to take out as many pints as possible, or he is in an extremely difficult situations where he doesn't know what to do.

that's also information to the partner. Then you know that you have to lead ...

After seconds

Are you going to build a nother hosue


Every grate domoino player stresses that you must be observant aof the first round.

the infomraiton given in the first round will help a good player draw a plan about where the hand is ogoin to go. The information int eh first hand is capital. It will tell you that strnght of the opponents' hands, and the hand of your partner. It will help you conduct the play of your hand.

If the first stone that you play is so important, it wouldn't be craxy to sy that a very good player would make the first move his best move. He does that by playing the stone with the most information for his partner.

The Opening

dominos is a puzzle that you have to finish jwith the biggest amohng of pieces out. F you put all of the domino puzzles together, you can pay them. Certain hands can play up to 25, … the first person who

you can have 25 stones wll play. The opinium game is when you play and arm the doninos with the greatest nubmer of

instead of

the normal puzzle asks you to put all tof the pieces in one play

there is a combination of dominos

one plyer remains with 7 tiels and the other

the points are counted... you can only win by blocking


the first play of the second player.

Foruth player is the donkey.

In each situation of domoins, I will show you the right move.


for each player

even when you are the donlkey, there is something for you to do.

The opening layer has the lead. He has one less tile each time. So the donkey needs to try to


Thre basic strategies

you can wein or lose by understanding on

they all dependon on the reoucres that you have. How you use them, dependson on the totallity of your mateiral and the potentiallity of it.


In case of a missing suit

whenytou play the first

when your orignal hand lacks one suit, that suit is called a “failure” in Spanish.

Our of 14 faces, you might have two of each type, you would be balanced, If you

domoinos has a world behind that missing duide. Whateve you are missing is gropued in the

you have to play against he potenial possiblity that another

suppose you open your hand and youhave no blanks, you are missing blanks. Double foru f43 lay 44 six your now you know that the enemy has 7 blanks. Now the strageis has changed. You have to block against those seven blanks. Much of the strageies in dominos starts form what you don't have.



how to use time in domonatoes

what is the purpsoe of playing

the coulpel, how do you choose the partner.

All the intersing hands of domoinso

what is the moun t of p

minimal npoints in a hand

how do you play with the score

strategy of the corse

all the saying aorund dominoses

stories about

the fifth player in domions (the guy who is looknig, becaseu he will have an opinion(


domons was created

never talk at the talbe!

How big is that house?

Will you play today or shoule I go to sleep?

The woel fisrt part of abcs of doonis. We will start by doing to let people know

who can play domonios

to what level can you lay

the effects of human mind


enterrise buildnig

methodolty of domoinations

domons for the old.

Peopl who have never played domoies can play . They are having fun. One of the funcationso f domiones is to kill time. Entertainment. Others will try to use strategies to win. They want to use the oportuntiy to improve their mind. There will be people who would like to rmember five or six

there is an annotation form in domions Som e of those are more brilliant than chess ever played.

the language of dominos


In backagammon in chess

the right play at the right time

The internainla languages of Domoinso

NAMES in other languages

I'm in Jamaica, I know what people are aksing.

Jamaicans as, “Who is posing?” who is playing the first stone.

Jamaica = tiles carib

bahamas = cards what's your card? How many cards are you holding?


piedra carta

Spanish is not piedra

Special language for spanish

the accent is on the last syllable

we will play dominOs


you can't say one heart

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