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Dr A’s hospitality links


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Hotels & Great Resorts

In the air

Customer Service

Chain hotels & other groupings

Sand…just add water


Boutique Hotels

Over Water

Associations & Societies

Memories are made here

Travel Kiosk

Computer Stuff

Romantic Spas

By Rail


Food, wine, bar, and service




The Far East

Ecotels & Eco-Tourism

Culinary Arts & Schools


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Great Dining


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HPU Career Services Center




SOS Hotels


75,000+ some perm some temp


Signup for instant feedback!


Confused about jobs?


Wanna find a salary range?


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Customer Service


Expressions about memorable experiences


Got Concierge?


Les Clefs d’Or


Holly Stiel has LOTS to share with you!


Best of the best of the best?


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Periodicals you should read at least once…

Best hospitality publication!


Hospitality & Travel News


Some of the best of the best…and not…


Don't listen to news, can't read paper


Bon Appetit Magazine


Innovative people and ideas


Travel Channel programs on TV!


Travel Trade, Hotel, Culinary, F&B, Marketing/Travel Related On-Line Magazines


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Associations & Societies


Links courtesy of e-Hotelier periodical


ASTD (American Society for Training & Development)



Council for Hotel, Restaurant & Institutional Education


AHMA (American Hotel & Lodging Association)


NRA (National Restaurant Association)


International Executive Housekeepers’ Association


TIA (Travel Industry Association of America)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Computer Stuff


Anna Morrison is the world’s first virtual concierge.


Info guide to Fingerprint & Iris Biometric Technology


PC World Magazine


Your Computer Minute with Peter Kay


Smart Computing Magazine


E-mail encryption (example)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Hotels & Great Resorts


Moon Resort & Casino (design stage only)






Pacific Beach (from Moka)


Miramar at Waikiki: finding 5-star employees in a 3-star property


Chateau in Pittsburgh?


200-year old resort?


A country French inn in Arizona?


Never heard of pousadas?


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Chain hotels & other groupings


Outrigger Hotels


Remember Leona?


Links to hotels all around the world!


A geographical meta-index of 60,000+ hotels worldwide


Small Luxury Hotels


Let's go to India


Brand names of 716 hotels worldwide include St. Regis® , The Luxury Collection®, Sheraton®, Westin®, W® and Four Points® by Sheraton, and Le Meridien


Offshore Resorts (Marriott & Renaissance Hotels)


Leading Hotels of the World


World's best 2,000+ hotels (so they say!)


120 "Preferred" Hotels




Classic Resorts


Have you never been swept away?


Vive la difference!


Reverence in 13 different hotels


A style to remember (GHM hotels)


The sun discovered this place(s) first


A collection of small hotels (from Soazig)


Shangri-La Hotels (Singaporean chain from Leia)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Boutique Hotels


I would return to this hotel once a year if I could afford it. In one of your (optional) assignments, you are “competing” with this hotel.


In Omaha?


Palazzo Versace


Luxury, Swiss-style deluxe!


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Memories are made here


Inn at the Market:  a 5-star operation WITHOUT F&B


Schnauzer Crossing:  a 5-star B&B operation. Dr & Mrs A enjoyed their honeymoon here!


Keyah Grande: got 2 Executive Chefs plus all the amenities you were thinking of!


Outrageously gorgeous (United Arab Emirates). Rated 7 stars (the only one, so far!)


The only place to have High Tea! (Yes, Dr & Mrs A got to enjoy their first “formal” High Tea here. Old traditions never die.



A name to remember:  Jumby Bay Resort


Spoil yourself silly! (Just bring extra $)


Water (above & below!) lovers


What the heck is Pohnpei?


Raffles (from Jasmin)


The Goodwood Park Hotel (Singapore from Leia)


The Grand Hyatt Singapore (from Leia)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Romantic Spas


Romance of Life


Super Spa



Warmth, character, and charm


Japanese Hot Springs (onsen)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Ecotels & EcoTourism


What's an Ecotel?


Amazon Ecopark Jungle Lodge


EcoTourism in Ecuador


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Schools – Hospitality &Travel Industry Management


The best hotel school (Cornell University)


Our school! (Hawaii Pacific University)


University of Nevada Las Vegas


Washington State Hotel School


New York University


Florida International University


UH-Distance Learning


International School of Management, Dortmund, Germany


Swiss Hotel Management School


Last reviewed: 06/10/06



Pink Flamingo’s Resource Lists. This is a dynamic website maintained and created by Kate Britt, a supreme educator-resource person. If you are having problems doing a paper, this is a good place to find ideas.


Need an online tutor? (free, but you have to register on WebCT)


Ask Jeeves


If you got questions, they got answers (and they’re NOT Radio Shack!)


Successories of Hawaii


If you recognize this name (or not), spend at least 1 minute here: Tom Peters


Learn2 specializes in the training of Microsoft Office & Windows software, business skills, sales training, communication, writing techniques, Defensive Driving, Human Resource topics and much more.


Small Business Administration


Information, education, and products that enhance personal and interactive productivity


How to incorporate your company (US-based)


Bottom Line Secrets!


Pricewaterhouse Coopers


Multiple hospitality links


HPU LAC & Libraries


How to design a hotel


Nielsen BuzzMetrics, a great search engine!


TIM 3110 (offline, last used Sp 00)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Food, Wine, Bar, & Service


I challenge you to find a better link to food photography and recipe creation


Great Coffee - Lions


World's Greatest & Largest Deli (Zabar's) – it would take a 2-day field trip to enjoy this store!


Bam! And other food gurus!


QuickPlan (Restaurant Business Plan Software)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Culinary Arts & Schools


French Cuisine I


French Cuisine II


CIA (the other CIA: Culinary Institute of America


Kapiolani Community College


Wanna-be gourmets!


Last reviewed: 06/10/06



Know your seafood!


Only for Oyster Lovers! If their program is still on, bring lots of quarters for the oyster bar!


The mother of all seafood buffets!


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Great Dining Experiences


Lahaina Grill. How good? It’s worth a $39 r/t plane ticket just to go to Lahaina for lunch or dinner!




Sam Choy's


Short list of restaurants in Honolulu (unknown source)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06



All you wanted to know about wines, but were afraid to ask!


Food & Wine Magazine


Know your wines!


How to buy wines


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

In the air


The Airport Network


Know your airlines, United (worlds' largest)


British Airways




Continental has a comprehensive website!


Jet Blue Who?


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Sand…just add water


All things Caribbean …


Where to stay in the Caribbean


Legends of Tahiti


Guam is so close by! (from Moka)


Discover Hawaii!


Diving excellence in Aruba, Grand Cayman, & Hawaii


Beach Resorts


Just beyond your imagination …


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Over water




5-star fleet


Free-style cruising


Conde Nast Traveler's Readers' Choice Awards


Crossing the 7 seas


On top of world at sea level


Cruise like a king (or queen)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Travel Kiosk


Travel Indices


Find anyplace on earth


If you travel that much …


How to travel smarter


Specialists in the art of travel


Vacations to go!


Geographic Expeditions


Travel like a pro


Get your luggage tags!


The Robb Report


A travel and language supersite!


Year round mountain vacationing


Conde Nast Traveler


Discovery Channel


Luxury Travel


National Geographic


More National Geographic


Arthur Frommer's


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

By rail


Napa Valley Wine Train


Railway USA


The Blue Train


Cape Cod Central Railroad


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

Singapore (from Jasmin & Leia)


The Zoo


All about Singapore


Sentosa Island Beach Resort


Changi Airport voted Best! (from Jasmin)


Little India


Jurong Bird Park


Food Time!


Singapore Hotel Association


Last reviewed: 06/10/06

The Far East


Hong Kong


Taiwan (from Wei-Wei)


Macau (from Jo-Jo)


Singapore (from Jasmin & Leia)


The Zoo


All about Singapore


Sentosa Island Beach Resort


Changi Airport voted Best! (from Jasmin)


Little India


Jurong Bird Park


Food Time!


Singapore Hotel Association


Last reviewed: 06/14/06



Never checked-in at a monastery?


What?  Never been to Bulgaria?


Last reviewed: 06/10/06



Bora Bora (from Soazig)


Last reviewed: 06/10/06