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I share these books that I still remember and refer to from time to time. Translation: they have certainly withstood the test of time. In case you were wondering, I am (trying) to follow the book referencing format style from the Publications Manual of the APA, 5th ed.


Rutherford, Denney G., and O'Fallon, Michael J. (2007). Hotel Management and Operations (4th ed). New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.


ISBN 0-471-47065-1


NOTES: HMO was a primary inspiration for the CD-ROM textbook I designed, created, published, and have been using at Hawaii Pacific University's Travel Industry Management Program since 2000. I consider HMO the premier reading reference in the entire hospitality industry -- it is ideal for both student as well as instructor (see my book reviews on


Arnaldo, Mario J. (2000). Making Hotel Operations Work! Honolulu, The Charm, Inc. 


ISBN 0-471-47065-1


NOTES: Here is the press release on MHOW!


Concerned about the rising cost of textbooks, intrigued by the pedagogical needs of the new millennium, and desirous to reach out to ESL students, Dr. Arnaldo announces his new book, “Making Hotel Operations Work!”. This valuable new resource, available exclusively on CD-ROM, is a roadmap of people, properties, and procedures showcasing the wonderful world of hospitality to readers of all experience levels. The CD-ROM works well as is or as a companion piece for hospitality orientation and training. Dr. Arnaldo has been testing its effectiveness with students for three semesters, resulting in enthusiastic feedback and a clamor for more copies.


Dr. Arnaldo brings over twenty years of hands-on industry experience, growing up and then working in a variety of positions in five continents. Now teaching both American and ESL students at Hawaii Pacific University, he shares his extensive knowledge and research in this useful CD-ROM. The CD-ROM comprises ten modules covering primary hotel operations, including rooms, food & beverage, guest services, housekeeping, finance and security, human resources and information technology. Full color photographs have been carefully placed in each module to enhance support and interest to the reader and to help overcome language barriers for ESL students.


Readers view the CD-ROM via Adobe Acrobat pdf format, which is usable across different operating system platforms. When the reader clicks on text underlined in blue, one of two things may happen: a connection to a related website on the Internet, or a connection to more details on the CD-ROM. Bright yellow post it icons contain notes similar to footnotes; viewers double click on the icon to open and read the contents. Dr. Arnaldo capitalizes on Adobe’s bookmarks feature for easy navigation throughout the CD-ROM.


"I enthusiastically recommend to hospitality students and professionals alike the valuable new resource, ‘Making Hotel Operations Work!’. The depth and effort that has gone into this workbook is obvious from its scope and detail. It has been designed with the user in mind, and as such works well by itself and should be equally valuable as a companion piece to a textbook or collection of readings. I was particularly struck by what can only be described as 'affection' for the material and Dr. Arnaldo's skill in infusing his enthusiasm into his work. All users will find this new resource valuable in training for industry and teaching in the industry." Denney G. Rutherford, Ph.D., Ivar Haglund Distinguished Professor, School of Hospitality Business Management, Washington State University.


Perfect for students, entry-level employees as well as employees seeking management level positions, “Making Hotel Operations Work!” gives readers the "big picture" of the hotel industry. Available for $21.95 to schools and hospitality organizations, with a recommended selling price of $24.95 to students. 


Bernstein, Leonard S. The Official Guide to Wine Snobbery. (1982). New York: Mradult.


ISBN 0-471-47065-1


NOTES: Why did I buy this book? Well, from 1976 through 1981, I served as a senior Teaching Assistant for the Survey of Beverages class of Prof. Vance A. Christian. I came across the book while I was trying to learn a little bit more about wine tasting and the snobbery associated with that past time. This is 160-page "throne room" book that you can start and stop at will without losing your place. If I ever taught a Survey of Beverages class, this would be my primary textbook.


Morritt, Ron, MA, MBA, DBA. Segmentation Strategies for Hospitality Managers: Target Marketing for Competitive Advantage. Haworth Press, 2007.


NOTES: With IT (Information Technology) changing so quickly, it is possible for a book or article written today to become obsolete in a year. I would recommend readers start with Chapter 10, The Impact of New Technology on the Hospitality Industry. After reading Chapter 10, the reader can review other chapters dealing with their interest or dilemma at hand. Ron Morritt's latest marketing text includes immediately applicable (no formulae needed!) effective marketing segmentation strategies. There is no mumbo-jumbo or jargon to suffer through, because Morritt tells you like it is by providing easy-to-grasp analogies.


- Up the Organization



ISBN 0-471-47065-1


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- 1001 Ways to Reward Employees



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ISBN 0-471-47065-1