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Instructor in Hotel & Resort Management

Travel Industry Management

Hawaii Pacific University

Dr. Mario Arnaldo returned to the educational environment in the fall of 1997, when Dean Lam recruited him as an adjunct faculty member. He first taught one section of TIM 310 (later renamed to TIM 3110), Hotel & Resort Management; the following Spring he lectured both TIM 310 and one section of Thom Guthrie's TIM 320, Food & Beverage Management class.  Summer 98 saw Dr. Arnaldo teaching TIM 310 again, and in fall 1998 he continued with both Friday and Saturday sections of TIM 310. He has continued to acilitate all semesters & summers since then.


He completed his Ph. D. at Cornell University with his thesis on Chain Hotel General Managers in the U.S.:  An exploratory analysis of their job perceptions and personal and property characteristics. Prior to this, however, Dr. Arnaldo had already enjoyed a variety of top management positions after completing his undergraduate degree in Hotel & Restaurant Administration from the University of the Philippines in 1972.  While completing his B.S. in Hotel & Restaurant Management, he was one of the first management interns at the Hotel Intercontinental Manila and the 32-chain cafeteria, Bungalow Food Services, Inc. Right after graduation, Bungalow kept him for a couple of years as Assistant to the Director of Operations, a Restaurant Manager, and then Purchasing Manager. Club Filipino, a prestigious private sports club, employed him for another couple of years as Food & Beverage Manager. Concurrently, he enjoyed speaking engagements and taught part time at his alma mater, the University of the Philippines: two semesters of Food & Beverage Merchandising and Food & Beverage Cost Control. After a short stint with HOSTS, Inc., a consulting firm which placed him with a small 50-room hotel as the Acting General Manager for 6 months, he decided it was time to go back to school.

In 1976, he started the beginning of 10 long semesters (and two summers as Night Auditor at the Holiday Inn, Ithaca) in cold & snowy Ithaca, New York -- first, as a graduate student for his Master of Professional Studies degree; second, as a Ph. D. candidate in Hotel Administration, majoring in Food & Beverage Management with minors in Educational Psychology and Human Resource Management. Professor Vance Christian, Chairman of the Food & Beverage Department at Cornell's School of Hotel Administration, enjoyed Mario as his longest staying teaching assistant (10 semesters) in the Wine Appreciation and Food & Beverage Management classes. Before graduation, Philippine Airlines was already waiting for him to fly back as Food & Beverage Manager, a position he would hold for another 2 years. Prior to joining Hawaiian Airlines for the next 2 years as Director of Cabin Services, he worked a short 6-month stint with an upscale delicatessen as General Manager.

For the past 14 years, Dr. Arnaldo has continued to enjoy his "teaching" career with the U.S. Army Garrison, Hawaii, working first in the Directorate of Community Activities as a Club Manager, then as Resource Advisor to help "teach" other Club Managers on computer skills for budgets and related financial reports. When computers started becoming important, he was tasked to provide hands-on instruction to some 400 customers, and assisted in the design of the Directorate's 5-workstation Computer Lab.

   From 1996 to the present, Dr. Arnaldo has been working with the 30th Signal Battalion as a Computer Specialist and troubleshooter for a 4,250+ customer base encompassing Schofield Barracks, Wheeler Army Airfield, Helemano Military Reservation, Lualualei Naval Magazine, Kunia, and Makua Military Reservation. 

Dr. Arnaldo brings to us a world of experiences!  He has lived and studied in several countries and cultures while growing up in a United Nations type of family:  Djakarta, Indonesia; Mogadiscio, Somalia; Paris, France; Bangkok, Thailand; Manila, Philippines. His two airline stints, of course, brought him the rest of the way around the world and then some. He *had* to fly at least twice a year to conduct menu tastings and evaluations in Zurich, Athens, The Hague, Rome, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Bangkok, Karachi, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Djakarta, Narita, Seoul, Kuala Lumpur, Manila, Clark Air Force Base, Guam, Brunei, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, Anchorage, New York, Pago Pago, Dhahran, Bahrain, and Abu Dhabi. One of the highlights of his airline career was organizing an international *Chefs on Parade* 5-day conference in Manila for Philippine Airlines (PAL). PAL flew in all the international Executive Chefs, via first class complimentary tickets, from all 23 ports of call during the 1981-1983 time frame.The Charm is Dr. Arnaldo's computer consulting company, started in August 1994.