Marin Nurse Practitioner Association

 Welcome to the home page of The Marin Nurse Practitioner Association.

Our Mission

The Marin Nurse Practitioner Association is a privately supported organization composed of over 100 nurse practitioners who work or live in Marin County, California. The independent Association was founded in 1996 and has no affiliations, ties or alliances with other groups. The association recognizes, supports and welcomes physician assistants.

The purpose of the Marin Nurse Practitioner Association (MNPA) is to empower its members by providing local networking, professional support and employment resources. It serves as a public and political forum as needed and agreed upon by its members. The association provides monthly meetings and educational events often sponsored by companies or groups associated with health care. When necessary and agreed upon by its members, the association serves as a liaison to the community.

The privately funded Marin Nurse Practitioner Association is owned and operated by its members.

The Marin Nurse Practitioner Association has a board of directors composed of active members who meet at least once every year. All members are welcome to participate in board meetings.

The Marin Nurse Practitioner Association promotes the high standard of health care delivered by nurse practitioners. It upholds the value of nurse practitioners in health care, education, research and legislative activities, which promote quality health care for all people in the United States. The association recognizes the high quality, cost effective approach which nurse practitioners contribute to health care. It is dedicated to the nurse practitioner and supports all efforts to enhance the identity and continuity of Nurse Practitioners.