'The three letters' (2018) - a story of a social meltdown left in three separate letters..; translations: English; Performed at the "Olympia in Dion" International Theatre Festival, Dion (GR) by Leona Mitrevska, September 2018 at the "MO" Theatre, Katerini; recognitions and an award received by the festival committee.

'La Linea' - un piccolo pezzo per due anime (2017) - a playscript in Italian language; staged and performed at the National Theatre "Vojdan Černodrinski" December, 2017; NUCK "Marko Cepenkov", production: Theatre "Čin 4 Scena 5", April 2018; Staged at the "Teatro dell'Argine 2018" Bologna theatre festival, ITC Teatro Bologna, May 2018; translations: Italian, English, Macedonian.

'Notre Dame de Paris' - musical drama scenario (2016); Performed at the NT Vojdan Černodrinski 7 March 2017; Macedonian National Theatre 23 March 2017 - dramatisation; directing; stage design; (French, English, Macedonian).

'Lora' - soliloquy (2016) performed by Daniela Ivanoska in Macedonian language at the National Theatre Vojdan Černodrinski, Jan. 2017; Special prize winner, exclusively awarded by the city of Stara Zagora (BG) for the performance of the role of Lora to Marija Mitreska in French language at the International Theatre Festival, 28-30 April 2017 ("Geo Milev" dramatic theatre in Stara Zagora (BG) ; Performed in Greek language by Maria Mitreska at the "Olympia in Dion" International Theatre Festival in Dion, Greece, September 2017 ("MO" Theatre. Katerini, GR); recognitions and an award received by the festival committee; Performed in French language at KIC Salon 19:19 Skopje for the Month of the Francophonie ceremonial programme by Marija Mitreska, 23 March 2018; translation: English, French, Greek.

'Lora' (2013); translation: English, Greek.

'The Window' (2012); English.

'Escape' (2011) MA work; translation: English.

'State hospital' (2010) co-production by 'Čin 4 Scena 5', 'Theatre 007' & Universal Hall - Skopje; staged at the Universal Hall, Skopje, October 2013; The Home of Culture in Prilep in November 2013; translation: English.

'Mind the gap' (sequence of confusion..) a play staged at the Second national drama festival in English, December 2004 in Skopje organised by the BC Macedonia.

'Profile defragmented', a short play, staged at the National drama festival in English, December 2003 in Skopje organised by the British Council Macedonia.

'The sweeper of autumn leaves', a story of one's origin, identity and belonging, staged in 2003 in the theatres throughout Macedonia; translation: English.

'From the life of my neighbour', winner of the special jury prize in Vienna, Austria 2000 at the playwright competition organised by the 'Theater m.b.H' from Vienna; staged 2001 under the title 'Leben mit dem Wurm' in Vienna, directed by Dušan Jovanović. The play has been accepted by EDAR - Educational drama association in Romania as a teaching resource; translation: German, French, English, Serbian. The theatre 'Bodi end Sole' from Hallein, Salzburg, staged the play 'Leben mit dem Wurm' in 2005, directed by Christa Hassfurther; February 2006 the Grenoble Theatre Festival and in April 2009 the theatre in Granville, Lower Normandy in France selected the play 'From the life of my neighbour' for their programme. Published in both German and Macedonian in a two-volume "Schutzzone" collection of modern theatre plays in Austria.

• ''The first seven days' a play from the early works in experimenting in alternative theatre, staged and performed at the Youth culture centre in Skopje and the National theatre in Prilep, seasons 1998/99.

• 'Flashbacks' brief narratives..