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Parent Update: Week Ending 6/9/2017

posted Jun 13, 2017, 11:32 AM by Esther Keller

6th Grade: 

Ms. Gaskowitz:

Class 6-5 completed the reading and analysis of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry.


Ms. Maslow:

Students learned about how ecologists go about studying an ecosystem and some of the methods that they use.


Ms. Fogarazzo:

In 6th grade students continued their study of Ancient Rome and how the government was created. In addition, some students took a field trip to the New York Liberty basketball game.


7th Grade:


Ms. Flatts:

Students continued to gather information and go through the writing process for their essay on whether the film adaptation on Of Mice and Men was accurate. Students finished chapter six in Of Mice and Men with an emphasis on character motive/decision, wrote an On-Demand short response on whether George's decision was justified, and begin the writing process on George and the American Dream.


Mr. Tupper:

My class used the Pythagoras’s theorem on right triangles to ‘Help’ an individual in need of a mathematician. Students solved a given issue while also presenting their findings in a cohesive and complete manner.


Ms. Gaskowitz:

Students completed their reading and analysis of Of Mice and Men and watched the movie.


Ms. Cucos:

Class 7-12 worked on defending the murders that took place in Of Mice and Men. In math we practiced basic math operations.


Ms. Maslow:

Students learned about the organelles in the cell and their function. Students took a closer look at skin cells and how they work.

8th Grade:  


Ms. Fogarazzo:

My 8th grade students continued their exploration of World War II. They also celebrated the end of the year with their prom and field day.



Ms. Peltz:

Students will be watching performances and assessing their glow and grows, reviewing new literature and studying sight reading skills. Eighth graders will be working on music for graduation.


Ms. Realmutto:

Students in the Gardening class did an amazing job of deadheading, planting seedlings, , and general garden clean-up, all in preparation for mulching and final June planting in the next few weeks.