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Parent Update: Week Ending 4/28/17

posted May 1, 2017, 5:24 AM by Esther Keller
Spring is certainly in the air!  And so is learning at I.S. 278.

6th Grade:

Ms. Fogarazzo:
In 6th grade students completed a group research project on one aspect of Ancient Greece and the impact it had on American life. Students worked with iPads and computers to create a presentation.

Ms. Wahl:
My students identified figurative language, symbolism, and dialogue in Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Ms. Hanley:
Students in 6-9 & 6-10 began reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry and have begun analyzing the setting of the novel as well as how the setting affects the characters we have been introduced to.

Ms. Wacholder:
Class 6-13 has been working on finding the area of a rhombus, triangle, trapezoid, rectangle, parallelogram, and polygons. We will be taking the state math test on Tuesday , Wednesday, and Thursday May 2-4.

Ms. Gaskowitz:
Class 6-5 read Chapters 3 and 4 of Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry and analyzed conflict, theme and characters.

7th Grade:

Mr. Tupper:
Students reviewed the concepts and ideas that were taught this year in preparation for the upcoming math state exam. Students used evaluation practices to identify their own areas of strength and weakness for the purpose of directed study/review. Students also reviewed test taking strategies and protocols that can assist with the evaluation and interpretation of word problems.

Ms. Cucos:
Class 7-12 prepared for the Math exam by reviewing key topics such as linear equations, finding GCF and plotting points. We also wrapped up our Constitution unit and A Long Walk to Water.

Ms. Gaskowitz:
Students in 7-1 and 7-5 continued learning about the Great Depression, including the definition of migrant workers and FDR's new deal. They began reading chapter 1 of Of Mice and Men. 

Students read chapters 1-3 in Of Mice and Men with an emphasis on John Steinbeck's life, his Nobel Prize speech, predictions, tone, and the theme of power vs. powerlessness.

Mr. Auguste:
Students in Classes 7-5 and 7-7 reviewed how to find the unit rate, area of circle, percent of change, simplifying integers, and writing and solving equations and inequalities.

Mr. Murolo:
My classes are finishing up the unit on Chemistry.

8th Grade:

Ms. Fogarazzo:
In 8th grade students learned about the Roaring 20's and how the lives of women and African Americans were impacted during this era.

Ms. Kieran:
My classes were working with Mrs. Keller and creating Google Doodles that depicts the "struggle for Civil Rights.". This project is in conjunction with a visit to the library where students engaged in learning tasks about the Civil Rights movement to prepare us for reading The Help.

Ms. Traiman:
Class 8-12 finished Chapter 26 in To Kill aMockingbird and concentrated on the plot of "falling action"
In math we finished learning how to use the Pythagorean theorem and reviewed for this week’s state test.

Mr. Auguste:
Students reviewed how to find the slope, y-intercept, system of equations, transformation and writing an equation of a line.

Ms. A. Klein:
What have we concluded learning about functions, measurement geometry, systems of equations, and transformations. (We reviewed all 8th grade math topics for NYS Assessment)

Non- Academic:

Ms. Realmutto:
Students in the Gardening class began sowing seeds indoors for the school garden. They also went outside for a tour of the garden.

Ms. Peltz:
Chorus Talent students are working on NYSSMA entry songs to be performed on Friday, May 12 at 2:30 p.m. They have also been reminded to check their uniforms and be sure they have everything they need: Chorus polo shirt, black dress pants (no leggings), black dress shoes. Other upcoming events are: Hershey Trip May 19-20, and Spring Concert May 25.

General Chorus students are working on material in their class songbooks and will have an opportunity to perform on Monday, May 22. Students interested in this performance will vote on their concert songs and begin polishing them.