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Parent Update: Week Ending 4/13/18

posted Apr 16, 2018, 5:42 AM by Esther Keller
We came back from a restful Spring Break and headed right into NY State Exams. Our students surely worked hard during test taking days. This week, students will be taking quarterlies and in the beginning of May, the NY State Math Exams will be administered.

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Ms. Hanson: 
This week, we prepared for our quarterly exam, extensively learning about John Steinbeck's use of setting and dialogue, exploring music of the time period, and discovering information about the Great Depression. 

Ms. Duro: 
604, 605 and 606 did Lesson 13.1- Areas of Quadrilaterals  and moving on to Areas of Triangles as well. 

Ms. Cucos: 
Class 7-17 performed last minute test prep activities and began part two of To Kill a Mockingbird

Mr. Devito: 
My 6th grade classes continued our unit on Ancient Greece (Athens/Sparta, Mythology, etc)
My 7th grade classes learned about the California Gold Rush, and Western Expansion. 

Ms. Gaskowitz: 
This week my classes did final reviews for the state exam. 

Ms. Zhan: 
The 8th grade science classes are learning about Ecology and the components of an ecosystem this week.
They will be exploring the different biomes that supports life in class.

Ms. Kieran: 
My classes are preparing for the 3rd Quarterly Exam. 

Mr. Auguste:  
Class 7-2 learned how to find the circumference and area of a circle. 
Classes 8-2 and 8-5 learned how to determined which type of scatter plots to use when interpreting two ways of frequency. 

Ms. Maslow: 
Students in my 6th grade science classes continued learning about weather.  Students were also given direction booklets for the Science Fair.