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Parent Update: Week Ending 3/24/17

posted Mar 27, 2017, 6:08 AM by Esther Keller   [ updated Mar 27, 2017, 6:08 AM ]
Tomorrow is day 1 of the New York State ELA Test. We congratulate our students on all their hard work and wish them luck! We know they'll do a fabulous job!

6th Grade:

Mr. Bochbot:
My 6th graders began learning about Ancient Greece.

Ms. Fogarazzo:
In 6th grade we continued our study of Ancient Greece. Students examined and illustrated the polis, or Greek city state. In addition, they learned about the importance of citizenship and the impact it had on our country.

Ms. Wacholder:
Class 6-13 has been continuing with Module 12 " Graphing on the Coordinate Plane" and "Dependent and Independent Variables". In science we prepared for the Science Quarterly, which was administered on 3/23.

Ms. Maslow:
We learned about the formation of thunderstorms and how to protect ourselves and families during one. We reviewed for the Science Quarterly by playing a Bingo game.

Ms. Wahl:
This past week we completed Pre-Reading Stations on subtopics that will be discussed in our next book Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor. Each station focused on a specific topic and implemented skills such as analyzing the text, annotating, and answering guided questions.

Ms. Summer:
Students of 6-9 and 6-10 worked cooperatively in groups to review for the quarterly exam. Students took the third math quarterly last Wednesday. We will continue to prepare for the upcoming math state exam and begin Unit 6- Geometry!

Mr. Gamsey:
6th Grade Science
As the expression goes referring to the weather... "March goes in like a lion and out like a lamb", so does the 6th grade science curriculum. After taking the Science Quarterly, we have wrapped up our weather forecasting unit. We are now moving onto Life Science. The students will learn what makes a living thing, "living". We will discover living things are made of cells. We will end the year studying populations and ecosystem

7th Grade:  

Mr. Bochbot: 
My 7th grade students learned about the 8th amendment and are now going to move into the first presidency. 

Mr. Auguste: 
Classes 7-5 and 7-7 reviewed unit rate, percent of change, linear equations, and solving equations and inequalities. 

Ms. Cucos: 
Class 7-12 worked hard on their Quarterly Exams. We also practiced annotating texts and citing evidence.

Ms. Gomez: 
In Spanish class we learned numbers in Spanish. We can now say and write the numbers in word form up to 100! 

Ms. Gaskowitz: 
All ELA classes took their quarterlies and worked on test sophistication skills.  

Ms. Maslow: 
We learned about the differences between reflection, refraction, and diffraction. We also practiced for the Science Quarterly exam with a Bingo game.  

Ms. Gullo: 
Ms Gullo's classes have wrapped up Unit 3-7EE and have begun Unit 4-7G.  

Some facts about this year's state math exam
1.  May 2-Day 1-26 multiple choice questions (no calculator permitted)
2.  May 3-Day 2-25 multiple choice questions (with calculator)
3.  May 4-Day 3-6 short response and 4 extended response questions (with calculator)

The test this year will not be timed as long as students are actively and productively working. 
**Your mathematician has calculated and determined that out of the 61 questions:
12-18 (20%-30%) will be RP (ratios and proportions) questions
9-15 (15%-25%) will be NS (number system) questions
18-24 (30%-40%) will be EE (expressions, equations and inequalities) questions
3-9 (5%-15%) will be G (geometry) questions
6-12 (10-20%) will be SP (statistics and probability) questions

8th Grade:   

Ms. Casey: 
My classes took and reviewed the quarterly exams and worked on test sophistication skills in preparation for next week's ELA exam. 

Ms. Fogarazzo: 
In 8th grade, students finished their unit on World War I. They examined new technology used during the war as well as President Wilson's plan for peace.  

Mr. Auguste: 
This week,  Class 8-2 reviewed slope, system of equations, linear equations, scientific notation and transformations. 


Ms. Peltz: 
Chorus students are securing their parts to NYSSMA selections.  They will review "Old Joe Clark", "Be Joyful This Day", and "Homeward Bound".  They will learn "May You Always Have A Song." 

Mr. Gamsey:
Marine Park Robotics
Tournament season ended last week for the Marine Park Robotics program.  The two SeaPerch teams participated in the U.S. Navy's underwater robotics tournament at the Aquatics Center in Corona, NY.  Unfortunately, we were not able to repeat as city champions and go to Nationals this year.  We did win the award for Team Spirit and were the runner-up for Best Engineering Notebook (a new category).  Our 7th graders have shown such growth since September!  Wait 'til next year!!!