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Parent Update: Week Ending 11/17/17

posted Nov 20, 2017, 6:32 AM by Esther Keller   [ updated Nov 20, 2017, 6:32 AM ]
Welcome! Some important dates to remember.
Tuesday, 11/21 - Bake Sale during all lunch periods. In additional Mechanical Smencils are on sale for $1 and Marine Park Styles Pens for $2.
Thursday & Friday, 11/23 & 24 Thanksgiving Recess
Wednesday, 11/29 Parent Teacher Conference 4:30p.m. -7 :30 p.m.
Thursday, 11/30 Early Dismissal All grades
Thursday, 11/30 Parent Teacher Conference 12:20-2:20

6th Grade:  

Ms. Realmutto: 
Students in classes 6-4 and 6-5 are beginning their study of Utopian literature. 

Ms. Gaskowitz: 
This week 6th grade is taking a Short Response quiz on the second half of their short story unit, and then beginning to learn background information on the concept of Utopian societies for the upcoming novel, The Giver

Mr. Devito: 
My 6th graders are learning about Mesopotamian Society and Hammurabi's Code. 

Ms. Hanley: 
Students in 6-11, 6-14, and 6-15 were introduced to their new novel, The Giver, and took a short response quiz on the end of their short story unit. 

Ms. Maslow: 
My students worked on an Informational Essay on how solar powered energy is being used to better the lives of refugees living in temporary housing. In addition, my students learned about wind energy as an energy resource. During this week my students will be examining the disadvantages of wind energy to birds and bats. Students will be looking at how wind turbine designs can be modified to decrease bird and bat deaths. Students will be writing an essay about this using textual evidence and what was learned in class, after reading an article and annotating it on this subject.
Happy Thanksgiving!

7th Grade:  

Mr. Murolo: 
Classes 7-1, 7-2, 7-4, 7-5, and 7-12 are learning parts of a wave in addition to the Electromagnetic Spectrum. Also, students will learn the reason behind the colors of fruits and vegetables. 

Mr. Devito: 
My 7th graders are learning about the Road to The American Revolution (The fall -out over the French and Indian War).  

Mr. Hanley: 
In social studies we will begin focusing on the causes of the American Revolution.

Mr. Auguste: 
This week, we were reviewing for  the Unit I test. 

Ms. Cucos: 
Class 7-17 began reading The Pearl, learned how to graph on the coordinate plane, and studied rock properties. 

Mr. Tupper: 
My math class students learned how to identify and use rates and unit rates. Students then began investigating the differing ways that rates can be modeled. 

8th Grade:  

Ms. Zhan: 
The 8th grade science classes are learning about patterns of development in humans and in the animal kingdom.  They will do station work on metamorphosis and on patterns of development.  

Ms. Casey: 
My classes are working on The Pearl chapter 3 and the week 3 syllabus.

Mr. Auguste: 
This week, we were learning how to graph linear equation using the slope and the y-intercept. Also, we found out how to find the slope and y-intercept from a table of values. 

Ms. Kieran: 
My classes are finishing up the first half of The Pearl

Ms. Traiman: 
In ELA we finished Chapter 2 in The Pearl and concentrated on figurative language and symbolism.
In math we  continued working on rate of change(7th grade) and introduced slope (8th grade).


Ms. Wilkinson: 
8th Grade Drama Talent students are busy honing monologues and getting ready for high school theater auditions.
They are also creating collages based on their monologue characters.
7th and 6th Grade Drama students have wrapped up pantomime and will begin improvisation soon. Each class is learning basic theater vocabulary . 
6-4, 6-5,6-8, 7-5 and 7-7 are wrapping up The Miracle Worker. 
Drama Project classes have begun performing and discussing Act 2 of The Diary of Anne Frank .