This year, our school is focusing on a school-wide plan to foster positive behavior amongst all of our students. Your child will participate in this effort on a daily basis in order to support positive behavior in the areas of citizenship,
character, and honesty. Children will earn points daily based on how well they exhibit these positive behaviors.

We are calling the program FIRST, an acronym for students who are:

F   Focused and Fabulous
I     Independent, Initiative & Influential
R   Respectful & Responsible
S         Studious, Sensitive & Sensational

T    Trustworthy & Tolerant

Signs around the building support this initiative.  Some say: Be FIRST, Put yourself FIRST, It pays to be FIRST, FIRST class, Think FIRST.

Students will be rewarded for exhibiting positive behavior throughout the school day by their teachers, deans and administrators by receiving tickets. 

Students are responsible for keeping track of their tickets and keeping their tickets at home until they are told to bring them to school for redemption. We look forward to establishing a school-wide culture in which positive behavior flourishes

3 R's of Academic Success