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Marine Collagen Peptide

Orient Group Co., Ltd. is mainly engaged in ocean water seed breeding, cultivation, food processing, and bonded warehousing services, is a marine aquaculture, cold processing, research and promotion and international trade in one moment of national fire plans to focus high-tech enterprises, agriculture industrialization of the country key and leading enterprises, state-level aquatic seeds market.
The company is located Yantai Development Zone Branch jurisdiction, Muping branch, Haiyang Branch, Laizhou branch, collagen processing plants, frozen food processing plants, rare fish farms, bonded processing trade bases, bonded warehouses, Yantai Mountain and Sea Food Co., Ltd., has a very Feng precious marine Yantai Co., Ltd. a holding subsidiaries. Actively implementing standardized production and management, has adopted a European Union health registration, the U.S. HACCP quality system certification, ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, the United Kingdom BRC certification, IFS standards for certification, ETI certification and a series of certification, and in in November 2006 at the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (ticker symbol 002,086).
1, raw material advantage: Our direct imports from the Americas, Alaska cod deep clean raw materials, Hai Bu Cod after living on board with a single freezing machine under the conditions of -40 ℃ rapid single frozen storage, imports of raw materials after the fish skin separation processing, fish processed into food products in the refrigeration plant, export Europe and the United States market; skin collagen production workshop directly to the production of marine collagen protein and its series of peptide products, no secondary pollution, can guarantee is the most pure, " Green "Marine collagen protein product.
2, quality control advantages: The company actively promote the standardization of production and management, the implementation of fishing, transportation, processing, integration, operation, quality control procedures are rational perfect, the product produced using "green" technology without any additional additives.
3, advanced process technology: use of physical (hot water extraction) process to obtain marine collagen to ensure the purity of the active ingredient; used with independent intellectual property rights, "directed enzyme enzyme engineering technology" to hydrolysis to obtain series of plastic of the original protein, peptide, has maintained the maximum marine collagen molecular structure and biological activity, help the body's digestion and better absorption and utilization; the use of advanced separation, purification and drying processes were isolated and purified to ensure purity of the product and quality
4, marine collagen protein product from the deep-sea marine life: There is no risk of terrestrial animal diseases, such as mad cow disease, foot and mouth disease and avian flu, with a high degree of bio-security, but also in the application and consumption beyond the control of religious constraints.