Seaborg Tribute 1999

      by Marinda Li Wu, Public Relations and NCW Co-Chair. Originally published in The Vortex, December 1999.




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NCW '99 (Nov. 7-13) has been a MOST EXCITING week for the California Section! Not only have we had various public outreach efforts conducted by members throughout our local section, but this year our NCW efforts included two huge NCW events. As a "new" NCW event, the California Section was proud to present as part of the halftime show at the CAL football stadium on the campus of UC Berkeley before an estimated crowd of 50,000 a NCW - SEABORG TRIBUTE on Nov. 13. Earlier on Nov. 9, we celebrated NCW '99 with our third and very popular Family Science Night program, this year featured as "Y2CHEM - A CHEMISTRY  EXTRAVAGANZA" in Piedmont, Ca1ifornia. IChC, the International Chemistry Celebration, which began with NCW last year and concluded with NCW this year, was celebrated at both of the California Section NCW'99 events. A mission common to both NCW and IChC is to "enhance the public appreciation of chemistry and its contributions to everyday life.”

Prior to the CAL football game from 10:00am to 12:30pm our local section, along with UCB chemistry students from Alpha Chi Sigma and Iota Sigma Pi, hosted an ACS - NCW booth for the general public attending the pre-game FUN ZONE by the football stadium. We distributed thousands of removable NCW - Sg tatoos and fliers honoring Nobel Laureate, Dr. Glenn Seaborg (1912-1999).

UCB recent grad, Ryan Louie as "MCSquared", entertained the crowds with his "Cool Chemistry Rap" celebrating National Chemistry Week along with Randall Schroeder's colorful "Cool Chem Car." The NCW - Seaborg Tribute (written by Dr. Sam Markowitz, Professor of Chemistry at UCB) was delivered over the public address system of UC Berkeley's Memorial Stadium to CAL and U. of Oregon fans watching the half-time show. With the CAL band still on the field, our 8 enthusiastic NCW volunteers (Dr. Alex Madonik and Dr. Sam Markowitz with the NCW banner; Alpha Chi Sigma members, Deanne Krenz, Chris Hack, Alice Lee, and UCB grad, Ryan Louie, carrying the huge Sg -element 106- banner; Dr. Marinda Li Wu and Will Wu with lots of helium-filled special "blue and gold CAL colors" NCW balloons) marched out on the football field as the following announcement was made to the crowds:

"And now ladies and gentlemen, please direct your attention to midfield for a special presentation. As part of National Chemistry Week, members of the California Section of the American Chemical Society would like to honor the late Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg. Dr. Seaborg was the former faculty representative to the Pacific Coast Conference of the American Chemical Society, Nobel Laureate and former chancellor of the University of California. The element 106, Seaborgium, was recently named in his honor and is displayed on the field. The American Chemical Society thanks CAL fans for their recognition and support of achievements in science education."


Photo by Alex Madonik