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Biographical Information:

WU, MARINDA LI  California Section.  Science is Fun!, Orinda, California.


Academic Record:  Ohio State University, B.S. cum laude with Distinction in Chemistry, 1971; University of Illinois, Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry, 1976.

Honors:  Walter Petersen Award for Outstanding Service, California Section, ACS, 2005; ACS Legislative Action Network Honor Roll, 2003; ACS President’s Award for Outstanding Work to Promote the Public Image of Chemistry, 2002; ACS President’s Award for Outstanding Local Section Government Affairs, 2001; ACS President’s Award for Leadership of the California Section as its Centennial Chair, 2001; California Section, ACS, Women Chemists Committee, Outstanding Service Award, 2001; National Women’s History Month Woman in Science Invited Lecturer, Women in STEM Center, Middle Tennessee State University, 2011;  Award for Contributions to Excellence in Education, Orinda Union School District, 2003; Special Recognition Award, Dow Chemical Central Research, 1989; Chemistry Department Outstanding Teaching Assistant, University of Illinois, 1975; National Defense Education Act Predoctoral Fellow, 1971-74; National Science Foundation Undergraduate Research Fellow, 1970-71; Ohio State University Undergraduate Research Fellow, 1969-70; Mirrors Honorary Society, Ohio State University; Iota Sigma Pi (Vice President, 1970-71); Phi Lambda Upsilon (Vice President, 1970-71); Kappa Kappa Gamma (Treasurer, 1968-71), Outstanding Senior Award, 1971, Senior Most Dedicated to Her Field Award, 1971; Phi Beta Kappa, 1971.


Professional Positions (for past ten years):  Science is Fun!, Founder and President, 1993 to date.


Service in ACS National Offices:  Board of Directors, Director-at-Large, 2007-11; Councilor ex officio, 2007-11; Committee on Grants and Awards, 2007-11, Awards Review Committee, Chair, 2008-09, 2011, Consultant, 2010, ACS AWARDS Action Group, 2010-11; Committee on Professional and Member Relations, 2007-11; Committee on Public Affairs and Public Relations, 2009; Council Policy Committee (Nonvoting), 2003-05; Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs, Committee Associate, 2006-09, Consultant, 2010-11; Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, 2001-05, Chair, 2003-05, Committee Associate, 1997-98, Consultant, 1999; Committee on Public Relations 1998-99, Committee Associate, 1997-98; Committee on Local Section Activities, Committee Associate, 1999-2000; Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, Employment Services Advisory Board, 1997-99; Committee on Local Section Activities, Task Force on New Awards, Chair, 1999-2000; Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs, Task Force on Globalization Issues, 2004-05; Chemistry Enterprise 2015 Governance Advisory Team, 2005.

Service in ACS Offices:  Member of ACS since 1971.  California Section:  Councilor, 1996-2006, Chair, 2001; Chair-Elect and Program Chair, 2000; Board of Directors, Director, 2000-08; Executive Committee, 1994 to date; Government Affairs Committee Chair, 2006 to date; Science Cafe Program Co-chair, 2007 to date; Awards Committee Chair, 2006; Long-Range Planning Committee, 2001-06, Chair, 2002;  Centennial Celebration Committee Chair, 2001; National Historic Chemical Landmark Committee, 2001-02; Nominations and Elections Committee Chair, 2002; Local Section Career Program Coordinator, 2000 to date; Career Assistance and Transition Group, Founder and Co-chair, 2000 to date; Public Relations Co-Chair, 1996-2004; National Chemistry Week Coordinator, 1996-99;  Employment Committee, 1994 to date;  Women Chemists Committee, 1993 to date, Chair, 1994, Co-Chair, 1999, 1997, 2009. Western Regional Meeting: Women Chemists Symposium Chair, 2006.
Member:  Association for Women in Science; Chinese-American Chemical Society (Board of Directors).  ACS Divisions:  Business Development & Management; Professional Relations; Small Chemical Businesses.
Related Activities: California Government & Legislative Affairs (CA-GALA), 2008 to date; Chinese-American Chemical Society Communications Advisory Board, 2007 to date; ACS Ambassador to Chinese-American Chemical Society, 2007-08; ACS Communications Plan Advisory Group, 2008; ACS Career Workshop Presenter, 2000 to date; Local Section Activities Committee, Liaison to NCW Task Force, contributor to NCW Handbook “Guaranteed to Succeed,” 1999-2000; ACS Legislative Action Network, 1999 to date; Dow Chemical Company, Dow Plastics, Central Research Laboratory,  1976-92; 7 U.S. patents; numerous publications; polymer textbook chapter; keynote speaker.