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"I have served as both President and Board Chair of the ACS. In those six years I learned what is needed to make the Society prosper and to serve both its members and our profession. The choice of President is critical. He or she needs to understand the Society, needs to know its goals, and must have bought into them. He or she needs to be able to get along with colleagues and most particularly with the Executive Director and the Board Chair. You may not always agree but you cannot be always at odds. When these three are working together, the Society will succeed, if they are not, the Society cannot.


Finally, the President must be able intelligently to represent the Society and the profession not only in the US but throughout the world. This year we have two good choices but one of them stands out. That is, Marinda Wu. She has my vote and I urge you to consider joining me in support of her."

            Paul H. L. Walter

            Past ACS President

            Past Chair of the ACS Board   



"I have known Marinda Wu for almost 20 years and strongly endorse her as a candidate for our next ACS President.  Few people know ACS as well as Marinda. She has effectively served the Society at every level—local section Centennial Chair , Councilor, Chair of CEPA (Committee of Economic and Professional Affairs), and the ACS Board.  Marinda will proudly represent ACS as a dynamic and energetic Ambassador and visit local sections to listen to members' concerns. I am confident she will do her best to make ACS a better Society for all our members and a better professional home for all chemists!"

            Ann Nalley

            Past ACS President



"Marinda was a terrific chair of CEPA (Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs) and under her leadership she moved this Committee into many areas that concern the individual and the Chemical profession giving her an informed background on the issues of the day. She would make an outstanding President for ACS."

Eli Pearce

Past ACS President

New York Section


"I had occasion recently to visit my archives and I came upon the ACS Annual Report for 2002.  The title of this report is, "Vision."  I remember 2002 very well.  I was Chair of the Board, we worked on a new Stragic Plan, and we were very concerned about the future of chemistry, chemists, and yes, jobs and the economy.  Paraphrased, our vision for the ACS was that it would continue to be a premier Society and a global leader in serving its constituents, in providing state-of-the-art chemical information, and in supporting research and promoting the beneficial use of chemistry for mankind. Although the words have transitioned, the vision and purpose have not changed. 


We have seen our science, our practitioners, related technologies, and our Society grow through sustained excellence in leadership.  In her role as elected Director-at-Large, Marinda Wu has been a principal in this growth.  Now she wishes to continue in a new role; i.e., as the elected President of the ACS.  She is knowledgeable, energetic, outgoing, and experienced.  Her personal professional missions are clearly global in scope.  She is reachable and willing and able to travel as a key representative of the ACS and of us, the membership.  She has my strong personal endorsement, and I hope you will concur."

            Nina McClelland

            Past Chair of the ACS Board

            ACS Fellow

"I am very pleased to support the candidacy of Marinda Wu for President-elect of the American Chemical Society. I have worked with her on many programs that have benefitted the goals and served all members of the Society. Marinda has the broad vision, courageous drive and steadfastness that are needed during these challenging and exciting times. I know she will give great service to the Society and all its members, as she has done during the entire time that I have known and worked with her."

Jim Shoffner

ACS Board of Directors, 2001-03; Chicago Section Councilor, 1973 - 2001

Chair, Project SEED, 1983-85


"I have had the opportunity, and pleasure, of working with Marinda in many aspects of ACS activities.  Whether it be committee activities, governance, legislative action, or promoting education, she is always enthusiastic, efficient, and gets the job done.  Her focused and friendly persuasive manner will be a valuable asset as our ACS leader."


                                    Stanley Pine, Southern California Section    

                                    Former member, ACS Board of Directors



           "I have known Dr. Marinda Wu for many years, initially through her dedicated and energetic volunteer service in our local ACS and as Chair of the California section during its 100th Anniversary, only the third woman in 100 years!  We have shared many common interests such as encouraging women and minorities to pursue scientific careers and to offer advice and sponsor workshops addressing problems of balancing professional and personal obligations. 

            Since then Marinda Wu has held a host of ACS national positions, most recently serving two terms on the ACS Board of Directors.  Not only is she eminently qualified to serve as ACS President, but she is one of the hardest working, most enthusiastic, and energetic persons I have ever known.  In addition, she has a real “passion” for helping to improve our Society and better serve its members. She understands diversity of all kinds.  She has developed a set of priorities including increased support for lifelong career and professional development, and finding ways to improve the current job climate, science literacy and public education and outreach.

            It is my special pleasure to endorse her candidacy.   Dr. Marinda Wu would be an outstanding ACS President-Elect and President, who would serve the Society and its members with distinction."


          Darleane C. Hoffman

          Professor Emerita, Chemistry Department, University of California, Berkeley

          ACS Priestley Medalist                       


"I have known and worked with Dr. Marinda Wu for thirty-five years, starting with our times as colleagues at The Dow Chemical Company. We were both in the Research and Development Department in Pittsburg, California, and in Walnut Creek, California. We have maintained a personal and business relationship since we left that organization several years ago.


I have the greatest respect for Marinda’s capability to do any job she sets her mind to do. At Dow, she was a scientific and business leader, initiating several programs that were well carried out. I have followed her subsequent activities as a leader in the American Chemical Society and in the community at large. My experience with her is that she is personable, reliable, hardworking and most importantly, thoughtful in her words and actions.


I cannot find words to describe how proud I am of her for her leadership role in making the ACS the pre-eminent technical society in America.  As a 50 year plus ACS member, I can testify that we need leadership like hers. I strongly endorse her for the position of President of the American Chemical Society."

            Jerry Moseley, PhD

            Former Director of R&D for Dow Chemical, Western Division

            Past President and CEO of Han’s Technologies, Inc., Oakland CA

            Current Science Faculty Member, University of Phoenix



"Marinda Wu is passionate about Chemistry and it shows. Beyond her professional pursuits, she is a strong advocate of improving science literacy in people of all ages.  Marinda spearheaded the development of a partnership with our library and the California Section of ACS to offer monthly science cafes for the public in our area. Her energy and dedication are responsible for a highly successful program of chemistry and science talks for our interested and growing audiences.  It's great to work with someone who is so effective at translating ideas into action!"

              Margaret S. Race, Ph.D.

            Board of Trustees, Glenn Seaborg Consortium and

            Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation

            Lafayette CA



"Knowing Dr. Marinda Li Wu's record over many years and her service to the California Section and to the National leadership, I find it a pleasure to endorse her candidacy. Energetic, hard-working, with balanced judgment, fairness, and gracefulness, she would be an outstanding ACS President. Anyone can "preach to the choir"; Marinda has the rare personal trait of getting along very well--no matter what the issue--with people who both agree and disagree with her."

             Samuel S. Markowitz

             Past Chair and Councilor, California Section ACS

             Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry, University of California, Berkeley





"Making progress in our complicated world requires leaders who are more

than smart, hard-working, experts in key sub-fields and are supported by

the largest constituencies.  We need people like Dr. Marinda Wu to hold

leadership positions in our society.


Not because I have known her for a decade or done things with her, But

because of the Adaptability she brings to understand the complexities of

the world we are present in and will see in our near term future.  She will

look further down in the ranks of members for what will help members and

she will look outside our society for solutions or partial solutions to problems

(employment, lifelong professional skills and learning, how many advanced

degree holders do we need, patent policy and others).


It is worth considering to give her your vote for president since she is

adaptable and will help our society to be adaptable in our complex world."

              Dan Eustace

            ACS Career Services Volunteer

            Northeastern Section



"I've known Marinda approaching 20 years in her extensive involvement with ACS activities at the local and national, public and civic levels.  Marinda has a passion and a commitment for advancing the chemistry profession that is truly amazing, and she has the energy to effect much-needed, positive change within the ACS.  She truly has been an enormous asset for the groups in which she has served, and her vision and drive will serve the ACS well into the future."

                                  Bryan Balazs

                                  Councilor and 2011 Section Chair, California Section

                                  ACS Fellow


    "The Membership of the ACS is extremely fortunate to have accomplished and distinguished colleagues such as Marinda Wu step forward as candidates for leadership positions.

     I have known Marinda first as a fellow Western Region Councilor, then as someone who provided valuable assistance to our Local Section in Career Development, and finally as an effective member of the ACS Board. 

    Marinda has the temperament, the professional dedication, and the sound judgment to lead our Society as its President-elect.

    I endorse Marinda as a candidate for this office and recommend her to you for your favorable consideration."

               Herbert D. Kaesz

             Past Councilor, Southern California Section

             Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Chemistry & Biochemistry, UCLA


"Marinda is definitely the right person for the job of ACS President! Her drive and enthusiasm motivates all that cross her path to do their best too. I have known her for almost 20 years through the California Section and she has been an enormous benefit to us in all her roles within the Executive Committee. The Employment Committee particularly has been blessed to have her ideas and practical assistance for both the monthly support meetings for unemployed chemists and the special event workshops. She has also been an asset to the National ACS in all her varied committee and ACS Director-at-Large roles and becoming ACS President will only enhance the organization."


                                            Linda Wraxall

                                            Past Councilor, California Section

                                            Employment Committee Chair



    "I had the pleasure to work with Dr. Marinda Wu under her leadership role as the Chair of the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA) while I was serving on the committee; Dr. Wu demonstrated the ability to work with a broad spectrum of members and build a consensus. While chair of CEPA, Dr. Wu was instrumental in encouraging and supporting several innovative new programs while enhancing existing programs to help ACS members better prepare for the 21st century job market. She has the passion for chemistry to inspire the younger generation, and also to help fellow chemists to achieve the best in professional growth and career advancement.
     Dr. Wu has a keen interest and an understanding of the member needs, and she is very insightful in finding ways to help members better prepare for the 21st century challenging global economy. I strongly support her candidacy."


                                              Sadiq Shah

                                      Chair, Committee on Science

                                      Past Councilor, St. Louis Section


"It's very appropriate that Marinda Wu's campaign slogan is "Leadership, Innovation, Passion." Marinda is one of the most passionate, energetic people I know, and she will bring that passion with her to the ACS Presidency. Marinda is a tireless advocate for the chemical sciences who has been active in grassroots organizing as well as national policy formulation and advocacy efforts. I have worked with Marinda for more than five years on the Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs; she is truly a joy to work with as her passion and energy are highly contagious! I look forward to seeing her accomplishments as President!"
                                                Kristin Omberg
                                                Past Chair of CCPA (Committee on Chemistry and Public Affairs)
 "I endorse the candidacy of Dr. Marinda Wu for ACS President with a sense of pride, gratitude, excitement and pleasure. I met Marinda first during one of her  organizational meetings for the National Chemistry Week of the California Section almost 15 years ago. Since then I have seen her dedication and involvement in our Section activities in particular and also at the National level. She carries out her activities with unthrottled drive, passionate energy, and limitless determination particularly in mentoring young students and upcoming professionals, and in continuing the message of chemistry to the scientists of other disciplines as well as to the public at large. I am very optimistic that she will enrich the Society by bringing her local and national experience, her progressive voice, her commitment and passion and a vibrant “can-do” spirit to the position.


She is our energizer bunny with infectious enthusiasm  and energy with a "can do" motto. She is the perfect choice to head the Society."


                                              Sheila Kanodia

                                      Councilor, California Section




"Marinda Wu has the passion, experience and commitment to serve as our next ACS president.  She is focused not only on the state of the chemistry profession today but also for the future.  Thus Marinda speaks out for diversity, globalization and promotes needed changes in STEM education.  Marinda’s experience as a leader in ACS speaks to her knowledge and qualifications to serve as our next ACS President.  I endorse Marinda Wu without any reservations... Marinda is the best for ACS!"

              Judith Iriarte-Gross Ph.D.

            National ACS Women Chemists Committee Program Co-Chair

            Professor of Chemistry, Middle Tennessee State University

            Director, Women in STEM Center


“Marinda Wu has been an active member of the American Chemical Society for as long as I have known her – more than 25 years.  She brings enthusiasm and creativity to everything she does, and her communication skills, both written and spoken, are one of her outstanding qualities.


Through her leadership and participation the programs of the California Section have been expanded to bring science shows to school children all over the Bay Area and to help the unemployed with workshops and support groups.  Her commitment to the  Women Chemists Committee and to local section leadership is unfailing.  As An ACS Director at large she has been fully involved with National ACS governance in recent years.


She can always be depended on to do her best for the ACS.  I am pleased to recommend her without reservation for ACS President-elect."


            Mary Singleton

            Past Chair, California Section

            ACS Fellow



"I highly endorse Marinda Wu for ACS President.  Marinda is a do-er, and not just a talker.  She gets things done, and gets them done well.  She is very concerned with the well-being of ACS, her fellow chemists, the environment and Planet Earth in general.  I have observed her operating on Capitol Hill on behalf of science and with different members of Congress, and have always been in awe of her vigor in promoting the need for additional funding for science.  We need more people like Marinda -- she will be a tremendous asset as ACS President."


            Zafra Lerman, Chicago Section

            Former Colleague on CCPA (Committee on Chemistry & Public Affairs)           


"I have known Marinda Wu for more than twenty years, in many functions for ACS, especially for our California Chapter. Marinda has always been most supportive of our local Women Chemists Committee, providing ideas, advice, and encouragement.


I admire Marinda's extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. She takes care of matters and follows through most efficiently; she gets things done. Marinda has excellent leadership skills. She can clearly explain her position on issues, is a good listener to other opinions,

and is competent at finding solutions that get problems solved. She does this with a positive, cheerful attitude that engages people of many backgrounds. Marinda has great ease in connecting with professionals and with the public alike.


With her enthusiasm, leadership skills and dedication to ACS, Marinda is highly qualified to be our next ACS President."


                                    Margareta Séquin, Ph.D.

                                    Women Chemists Committee Co-chair

                                    California Section, ACS

"As a 19 year member of the American Chemical Society, I want a leader who has had ACS experience to be my next ACS president.  I have known Marinda Wu as a professional, as an active ACS member, as a tour speaker, but most of all as a friend.  In every one of these categories she has excelled.   She is an experienced Chemistry Ambassador, one that would represent all ACS members equally. The ACS needs someone who is knowledgeable, futuristic, and energetic.   I know that she is ready, willing, certainly able to lead the society.   I highly endorse Marinda Wu for the next ACS President."

              Ruth Woodall

            Councilor, Nashville Local Section

            Director, Tennessee Scholars


"I am especially pleased to endorse the candidacy of Marinda Wu for ACS President.  I have known Marinda for almost twenty years -- since she began to work actively in the California Section.  It was particularly impressive when she first became a Councilor and began to prepare for the job by questioning all the experienced councilors about the Council's organization and operations.  Marinda hit the job running and has never looked back.  Her tenacity and drive have been evident in her job as chair of CEPA, but some of the most important things, in my view, have been her efforts as an ambassador to the general public and to members of Congress.  She deserves to be our next ACS President!"

                                              Glenn Fuller

                                              Director, California Section

                                              Past Chair and Councilor, California Section



"I strongly support Dr. Marinda Wu for President of ACS.  She is particularly interested in small business and its role in job creation.  Marinda’s industrial experience is wide:   in research, in industrial economics and in community relations.  I have known Marinda for many years, first through Chemluminaries.  She brings many talents and interests to ACS.  She has a broad, inclusive vision for diversity in ACS.  She has served in a number of capacities for ACS, most recently as a Member at Large of the Board of Directors."

            Sharon V. Vercellotti

            Councilor, Division of Small Chemical Businesses

            ACS Fellow



 "The ACS needs to be an inclusive organization, if it hopes to attract and retain members.  Dr. Marinda Wu has always promoted that theme from her early work as Chair of the California Section’s WCC.  She has retained her strong interest in encouraging the less represented members of our Society (women, unemployed chemists) by starting the California Section’s CAT (Career Assistance &Transition) Team with our Employment Committee chair. In addition, she has continued to support the WCC. Going forward, the ACS needs the activism exemplified by Dr. Marinda Wu. She has my vote for ACS President!"


                                               Elaine Yamaguchi

                                              Councilor, California Section

                                              ACS Fellow


"As Executive Director of the Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation, I've had the pleasure of working with Marinda Wu on what for us was a wonderfully innovative program....the Science Cafe.  In her role with ACS, Marinda brought this program to partner with us as part of her initiative to reach out to neighboring communities. The science cafes have been an overnight amazing success, drawing people from around the East Bay.

 Marinda is a visionary, enthusiastic, collaborative ambassador for the American Chemical Society, working with us to think outside the box for programs that demonstrate how science, and chemistry in many cases, is such an integral part of our lives. The charm, as well as educational and community-building impact of these science cafes, has been to turn our lecture hall overnight into a community cafe, with people meeting each other over wine or coffee and enjoying an amazing variety of interactive lecture-discussion sessions."

              Kathy Merchant

            Executive Director

            Lafayette Library and Learning Center Foundation



"As Chair-Elect of the California Section, I appreciate the “How can we make things better?” attitude that  Marinda has helped to develop in the Section and look forward to that influence to be broadened in the Society.  Her contributions and commitments are obvious from her biography but I am grateful for her ideas and efforts in supporting and encouraging the multiple efforts of the Section and the Society.  I was able to participate with her in a group she led from the California Section for an ACS lobbying effort on Capitol Hill during the last national ACS meeting in Washington D.C. and appreciated her initiative, her organizational skills, and her ability to represent the ACS in a diplomatic and professional manner.  I encourage you to support her candidacy."


            James Postma

            Chair-Elect, California Section, ACS

            Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry

            California State University, Chico



"Marinda Wu's wonderful vision for Family Science Night has brought hands-on science with real scientists to the families of our local community. This goes beyond improving our science curriculum for students in the classroom. Due to popular demand, our school district has continued the Family Science Night tradition since its first success in 1997. The excitement of science now reaches the entire community!"

                                              Sue Severson

                                              School Board Past President

                                              Orinda Union School District

   "Marinda launched the California Section's NCW program in 1997 with the first of our Family Science Night Events, where a diverse group of volunteers presented over a dozen hands-on activities and attracted over 1,000 visitors. Her work laid the foundation for the award-winning events to follow.  She is a tireless voice for the importance of science education and value of investing in chemical research and technology, and she knows that chemists need help to adapt to the changing economic environment."


                                              Alex Madonik

                                              Councilor and NCW Coordinator, California Section


     "It is truly a pleasure for me to support Marinda Wu's candidacy for ACS President. I have worked with her for several years on the Committee on Economic and Professional Affairs (CEPA). Marinda is energetic, hardworking, and creative. As CEPA Chair, she demonstrated exceptional commitment to our members' needs and leadership to initiate new programs. For example, when the globalization issues came to her attention in 2004, she quickly led a colloquium on this topic and formed a Task Force on Globalization Issues involving stakeholders across ACS. She is a true asset to the ACS, and I am sure she will do an excellent job as President.

     Marinda is an exceptionally capable leader with a passion for chemistry. We need her experience and ability to get things done in the ACS."

                                              H. N. Cheng

                                              Councilor, Polymer Chemistry Division

                                              ACS Fellow


"I have worked with Marinda Wu in the Women Chemists Committee of the California Section of the ACS for twenty years.  She is an energetic, inspiring leader with unique abilities to connect people.  She is a tireless ambassador for chemistry and the ACS, working hard in outreach programs and science education on the local and national level."


             Trudy Lionel, Ph.D.

             Women Chemists Committee Co-chair

             California Section, ACS


                      Send a personal endorsement to Marinda