Thank you for Electing Marinda Wu
2012 ACS President-Elect! 
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Thank you so much for your many emails of support!
I will do my best to turn challenges into opportunities for ACS and our members.

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Ambassadors for Science, Technology and Education in the 21st Century


C&EN August 6, 2007

“The best way to achieve better understanding is through person-to-person interactions
and by developing friendships.”

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Global Collaboration and Challenges

C&EN February 18, 2008

ACS is in a position to help catalyze partnerships among U.S. and Chinese universities in order to facilitate exchange of knowledge, students, and faculty.”


"Marinda has a passion and a commitment for advancing the chemistry profession that is truly amazing, and she has the energy to effect much-needed, positive change within the ACS."

Bryan Balazs, Councilor
Society Committee on Education (SOCED)
Immediate Past Chair






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Ambassadors for Science, Technology & Education in the 21st Century

Global Collaboration and Challenges


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I love our profession and the broad impact we chemists have on improving the quality of life! I've always been proud to be a chemist and an ACS member now for 40 years.


I get excited because there is no profession that can have a greater impact on human life than CHEMISTRY -- on health, food, energy, the environment and so much more!...and there is no Society that can have as great an impact on our wonderful profession than ACS.


But I am also concerned--concerned that our profession is being challenged in many ways: Increasing global competition resulting in record unemployment and underemployment amongst our members; widespread science illiteracy and declining science and engineering enrollment; and diversity and multi-disciplinarity issues.


The Chinese character for the word crisis is made up of two characters meaning peril and opportunity.  Like two sides of a coin, peril and opportunity co-exist.  Which way will the coin tip?  If mishandled, opportunity becomes crisis; if well-managed, crisis turns into opportunity.




Throughout my life, I have worked hard to convert challenges into opportunities by creatively thinking through problems, by building bridges, and by getting things done. I am deeply honored to be a candidate for ACS President-Elect. After serving on the ACS Board for multiple terms, I am even more committed to leading our Society to better serve our members during these challenging times. If elected, I will focus on four priorities:


Ø  Increase Support for Lifelong Career and Professional Development.  Explore innovative ways to better equip members for today's competitive global work environment.  Help with retraining if needed, and draw on the untapped potential of our senior chemists.


Ø  Advocate to Improve the U.S.  Job Climate.  We've advocated for years to increase support for R&D and STEM education.  It's now time to also advocate to improve the climate for doing business in the U.S.! Combine forces with other organizations when we visit Capitol Hill.  Incentivize businesses (both large and small) with tax credits and more competitive trade policies.  Reduce the regulatory, economic, and IP barriers to foster new technologies and jobs in the U.S. rather than overseas!


Ø  Lead and Collaborate Globally.  Chemistry is global, and ACS must value the needs of domestic members as a top priority.  We cannot stop globalization, but we can engage in more meaningful dialogue with global partners and competitors to seek solutions to global challenges!


Ø  Enhance Communications and Strategic Collaborations.  ACS has the exciting opportunity to convene and enable more cross fertilization across interdisciplinary and international boundaries.




I have 40 years of experience in a diversity of areas—in R&D, sales & marketing, and in science education—from entrepreneurial endeavors to large chemistry enterprises. I have served multiple terms on the ACS Board of Directors and have held many ACS leadership roles at the local section, regional, division and national levels. I have not only the energy and commitment, but also the passion, understanding and leadership experience to represent YOUR interests, build bridges, and help our Society turn challenges into opportunities.




As President, I pledge to work tirelessly to support member needs and serve as an ambassador and catalyst for positive change. I will visit local sections to hear your concerns and suggestions. Together, we can make great things happen!




"Marinda has a passion and a commitment for advancing the chemistry profession that is truly amazing, and she has the energy to effect much-needed, positive change within the ACS. She truly has been an enormous asset for the groups in which she has served, and her vision and drive will serve the ACS well into the future."

Bryan Balazs, Councilor and Chair

California Section


"Few people know ACS as well as Marinda. She will proudly represent ACS as a dynamic and energetic Ambassador and visit local sections to listen to members' concerns. I am confident she will do her best to make ACS a better Society for all our members and a better professional home for all chemists!"

Ann Nalley, Past ACS President

Wichita Falls-Duncan Section


"The ACS President must be able intelligently to represent the Society and the profession not only in the US but throughout the world. This year we have two good choices but one of them stands out. That is Marinda Wu."

Paul Walter, Past ACS President

Past Chair of the ACS Board

Coastal Georgia Section


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