Our Research Interests
The Stains Group research efforts focus on closing the gap between research and practice in 
chemical education. We are specifically interested in 
  • developing new methods to characterize instructional practices in STEM college classrooms,

  • exploring how instructors, faculty, and teaching assistants think about their teaching,

  • identifying individual, departmental, and institutional factors that influence instructors' instructional decisions, and 

  • characterizing the impact of different types of pedagogical professional development programs.
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The Stains Group is affiliated with the following UNL groups and organizations:

Selected Publications
Selected publications from the Stains Group include:
  • Stains, M. and Vickrey, T. (2017) Fidelity of implementation: An overlooked yet critical construct to establish effectiveness of evidence-based instructional practices, CBE Life Sciences Education, 16(1), rm1 DOI10.1187/cbe.16-03-0113
  • Velasco, J. B., Knedeisen, A., Xue, D., Vickrey, T. L., Abebe, M., & Stains, M. (2016). Characterizing Instructional Practices in the Laboratory: The Laboratory Observation Protocol for Undergraduate STEM. Journal of Chemical Education, 93(7), 1191-1203
  • Lund, T.J. and Stains, M. (2015) The Importance of Context: An Exploration of Factors Influencing the Adoption of Student-Centered Teaching among Chemistry, Biology, and Physics Faculty, International Journal of STEM Education, 2:13
  • Stains, M., Pilarz, M., and Chakraverty, D. (2015) Short and Long-Term Impacts of the Cottrell Scholars Collaborative New Faculty Workshop. Journal of Chemical Education92(9), 1466-1476
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Group Members
The Stains Group is composed of undergraduate research assistants, graduate students, and postdoctoral research associates. 

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