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Marikovsky Pavel Iustinovich

 Marikovsky Pavel Iustinovich

Pavel Marikovsky was born July 28, 1912 on the Viazemskaya station, in Habarovsk region. After finishing The Far Eastern State Medical University in 1936, Pavel worked in The Far Eastern Science Academy, Uzbek Institute of Microbiology and Epidemiology. He invented a way to neutralize the poison of karakut spider without any specialized medical treatment or antidote. The method consists in cauterizing the place, where karakut bit with a head of flamed match. Though this method works only if applied two minutes after the bite, it helped saving many lives.

Starting from 1941 he was conscripted to the front line, as a consequence of Great Patriotic War. After finishing military service with a rank of Major of Medical Service he was awarded with many orders and medals. When the war ended he moved to Kazakhstan, where he directed laboratory at the Institute of Zoology. In 1950, became a doctor of biological sciences, in 1962 - a member of the Writers' Union of Kazakhstan. Pavel Marikovsky published about 160 scientific papers, more than fifty world-famous scientific books and countless number of amazing artworks. The most popular are his books: “Black Widow” "Notes of a young entomologist," "There, from where the rivers have left", "Forgotten Island" and many others.

Also Pavel Marikovskiy is known as an artist, he is often referred to as "Kazakhstan Rerich." Unfortunately, most of his paintings disappeared without a trace. From the remaining paintings: 75 paintings were transferred to the national Museum of Kasteev, 72 paintings submitted to the State Archives. Some of the paintings are kept in private collections. We would appreciate anyone who can provide reliable information about the paintings that are not published on this website.

Pavel Marikovskiy created the world's first collection of copies of rock paintings. Some of them were stolen, another part (20 stone) is in the State Archives of the Republic of Kazakhstan and a big part of them was illegally seized by the corrupted Uzbek customs, which demanded a bribe from Pavel’s grandson for their import into Uzbekistan.

Pavel Marikovsky became the first scientist in the Post-Soviet states to be awarded with the gold medal of the World Geographical Society.

Last years of his life he spent in Turgen. After Pavel’s death in 2008 he was buried in a Christian cemetery.

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